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Hey all... I miscarried over the weekend. I've had a funny feeling that something wasn't right in this pregnancy from the start, but been pushing it aside as a normal pregnancy anxiety. Off to heal and reflect, will hopefully be back in another DDC by the end of the year.   Best wishes for all of you to have wonderful pregnancies and beautiful births.
Thanks, Rosie. DH and I joke a little bit about it now, that we'd better enjoy these next few months, because it'll probably be another 2.5 years after this one comes before we will be able to enjoy intimacy again 
Another one for GOL. I really like that they contain folate in lieu of folic acid, and they contain a decent amount of vitamin K in the form of MK7
Not surprised, and not really planned, at least for this moment in time. Between healing from the first birth trauma and my body's sensitivity to BF'ing hormones, DH and I had only been intimate a couple times in the last few years. After weaning last month, my hormones totally flipped and I have never been this "lovesick" in my entire life, hehe. Making up for some lost time and not using contraception, a pregnancy was totally expected. Had this not happened so fast we...
cyclamen, your thoughts and insights are incredibly reassuring, thank you so much for sharing them.    to all of us, even without having had negative past experiences, bringing a new life into the world can be frightening in so many ways.   I had 4th degree tearing with my first. DS was malpositioned before flipping around and making his entrance. I pushed for 9.5 hours, and the MW's and OB took turns trying to turn him with every contraction. My MW cut an...
I hope your meeting goes well with the doula, cyclamen. We had a doula and it was very helpful for us. No one gave me better preparation as a first time mother than my doula did. She brought a lot of experience and was able to help reassure me with her information during my very medicalized birth. I'm sure my husband was grateful for her presence as well. When my son's birth left me with many negative feelings, she was an even bigger help in that she had been with me for...
I think I got my first real "craving" today: oysters, cooked any way will be just fine but especially good fried. Thank goodness we are coming up on the season for them here!
I will be here too! I also do not Facebook. I was part of a DDC here when I was pregnant with #1 and it was wonderful experience. I haven't posted or been on MDC much since the birth, things really overwhelmed me after that labor experience. I am also chasing after a 2 year old as well 
Count me in as "already looking pregnant" too. My regular pants fit for a little while in the morning and then increasing bloat forces me to put on something more comfortable. I seem to have much more lower belly than before. I have a feeling I will be shopping for maternity pants when the weather starts to break.   ETA: I also have put on the 3 pounds. 
I'm not craving anything specific, and I don't feel much like eating (or cooking for that matter!). I've been eating fatty meats like braunsweiger, herbed sausage, and organ meats. Yesterday some leftover chicken in a bowl of beef broth (I'm fighting a nasty cold). Eggs cooked any way... no problems yet with greek yogurt, beef, chicken, pork, duck, fish, or bacon. I've been going through hummus, avocados, and guacamole four times faster than I usually do, been topping...
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