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In labr with our 5th child <3
This was baby #5 and we decided we would do a pro photographer. The first one i called said no, then i asked the pro that had done our pics before. She said YES. It wasnt bad having her, i am so thankful and happy to have these photos! Here is the blog i did the first few we took but the b&w are all hers i have lots more too <3 i love them http://z-crew.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-birth-story-of-miss-leona-marie.html
Whats funny is this labor was longer than my 4th, he was born w/ in 2 1/2 hours from thinking i could be in labor!!! So in my mind i expected this child to fall out....have no expectations for birth ;) It will mentally be easier!!   And so far i LOVE having 5 children :)
Ok i am so a picture person so i am going to share some if thats ok :)   2 days post partum ( i started usuing the bellefit the next day)     4 weeks post partum       And almost 5 wks at my first KB workout session!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!  
I gained 40lbs this pregnancy and have only lost 15 at 5 wks post partum but i feel Fabulous! LOL its weird. I know some of it is boobs, they are huge w/ milk all.the.time. So i am at 150 and my goal is 125 and i started working out w/ kettlebells again last week. My bleeding stopped at 10 days (weird, but i will take it) so i havent had bleed issues. Just (TMI) hemmorids yuck! and owie!   I have used the bellefit binder, LOVE it, i have gotten so many compliments on...
Here is our story: http://z-crew.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-birth-story-of-miss-leona-marie.html
This was a hard homebirth compared to my 3rd child who was also a waterbirth   http://z-crew.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-birth-story-of-miss-leona-marie.html
I bought a bellefit binder, its amazing I put it on day 2 and its def helping pull things back, after 5 kids I needed some extra abdominal support. I have the seperation of abs. This recovery has been amazing day 3 and I am ready to conquer the world LOL
I went at 41.5 and had my membranes swept at home by a ob nurse friend...labor started that night. Leona was born on 6/2   I hope you do not have to go that long, it was mentally draining!!!
Leona Marie made her entrance last night, was a strong hard labor, but we got thru it DH is amazing :) Here are just a few pics :)      
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