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They are twin bills S 89 and HR 163. They are pending in the House and Senate right now!If passed, the draft will be initiated by early as spring of 2005. Please call or write your legislator and tell everyone you know! For Every Bomb There Is A Child
A young woman in Florida has been sentenced to death by dehydration and starvation. PLEASE HELP! www.terrisfight.org There are also some current articles at www.********** WAR=HATE
www.aliabbas.org Here is a website dedicated to little Ali Abbas and all the other childhood victims in Iraq. Every bit of recognition and support will help restore some semblance of life for these children. Also, check out the poem by an eleven year old boy at the bottom of Ali's photos.It's incredible! " In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."~George Orwell
Thank mamaley,this is SO scarry! for every bomb there is a child
I suffered from canker soars all my life-especially as a child then I adopted a gluten free diet a few years ago and they instantly ceased never to return!
Sorry about the surgery.About a year ago my huband put his hand through a router saw and ripped all four fingures to the bone.He doused them with unprocessed sea salt [ I don't know how],then he packed them with goldenseal and took three doses of olive leaf daily to stav off the infection. It worked like a charm, and to look at his fingures you would never know what they went through.Also, a raw honey propolis combination is incredable on wounds and really excellerates...
Thanks so much everyone. Your responce has really helped to give her some ease. And veganmamma I'm so sorry for your sister's loss.She is very lucky to have you.
Thanks so much XM. It was six weeks gestation.It does seem a little early.If the baby is fine,I'm so scared of what this stress could bring.
Does anyone know if a vaginal ultrasound is fully capable of detecting a heartbeat at six weeks. My niece just phoned hystarical after returning from her first examination which was performed at a hospital.They said they could not detect a heartbeat so to assume the baby is dead.If anyone knows anything to contradict this please let me know. Thanks
Cracked feet, especially around the heal region, is generally a sign of not enough omega 3 in the diet.
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