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I'm in Derry, too!  I have 5yo twin boys and an 8-month-old.  We'd love to get together sometime!
Hi mamas,   We just moved to Derry, NH this past weekend.  I'm looking for local moms' groups, fun things to do with 3 little boys (O and J will be 5 in September, and E is 3 months old), or cool people to know.  Any suggestions?  Anyone local interested in meeting up?
Hi mamas, DH got a job in Lawrence, MA, and we are moving to the area (not sure where yet; we're looking at southern NH as well as all around Lawrence).  Our twins will be 5 in September, and I'm really interested in meeting some other homeschool families and joining a group, but I haven't found any yet.  Would love to get some input from you ladies!   Thanks!
I just requested to join!  Liz Libby on fb
I just wanted to share that there is a new natural parenting group starting up in Augusta!  We meet Mondays from 10-12 at the UU church in Augusta.  There is also a facebook group, but it's private to protect everyone's privacy.  If you want in on the facebook group, or if you want more info, PM me or post here.     Hope to meet some of you awesome local mamas!
Hi, neighbor!  We've been taking our little guys to the Family Medicine Institute, and they are okay, but we haven't found a ped that we really love around here.  In Topsham there is Northern Sun Family Healthcare, and they do peds work.  Sarah and Josie are amazing, and I love their holistic philosophy, but since they are naturopaths, I'm not sure how that works with billing, etc.   PS: if you are looking to meet local mamas, I just started a natural parenting...
I need help, mamas.  I am completely, totally at the end of my rope with my 4-year-old twin boys.  They've been using the toilet for almost 2 years now, and we've gone through phases of one or the other of them doing better and doing... less better with it, which I have always accepted as just part of the process.     But now, at 4 years and 4 months old, they have suddenly started having multiple accidents a day.  Both of them, often at the same time.  O is mostly...
I haven't been on since I very very first found out, but I'm wanting to come back to the MDC forums.  I'm due March 8, and we're planning a home VBAC, which is so exciting!  We live in Maine with our 4-year-old twin boys, and we're super excited to  have another one (we call him Noodle).     I'm thinking of starting to fill my freezer for after Noodle is born; any ideas for good, hearty, healthy freezer meals?  I'd love to get some ideas other than...
Hi Mamas!  I haven't been on for quite some time, but I'm seeing that there are some Augusta-area mamas on here.  We're in Pittston, which is about 10 minutes south of Augusta.  If you are interested in meeting up or maybe even forming a play group (we haven't found any at all around here), PM me and we'll make it happen!  I so, so miss having other mamas to hang out with!   We have 4-year-old twin boys and another boy due in March!
Hi mamas,   We may be moving to Grand Junction this coming summer, and I hear wonderful things about Colorado in general, but I was wondering if some of the mamas here could help me out.... we have 4-year-old twin boys with another on the way (due in March!).  So I'm wondering things like:   -are there any good moms' groups? -how is the local food scene/ farmers' markets? -are there fun things to do with kids? -how are the schooling options?  (including...
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