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yes figure out that wrap! That was going to be my first question why not wear them? I wore my boys for much of their first year, yes both of them at the same time most of the day, every day. One on the back one on the front. And they were good size, they entered the world at just under 9 lbs each and were about 25 lbs at 8 months. Plus this helped me melt my pg weight off. good luck to you
Quote: Originally Posted by smeisnotapirate Holy cannoli, Christine!! If he doesn't come out with that, I have no idea what you should do. Hmm maybe wait patiently? Babies come when ready!
My boys, 21 months will smell each others diaper and peek in the top and come screaming "poo poo" to me.
Hi there Michelle- Fellow May mama, Michigan mama, and IGT mama here. I am so sorry it absolutely sucks doesnt it? I can completely relate to your post. Before my daughter I thought people who werent successful at bfing simply didn't try hard enough. HA I learned that wasn't true with her. For the first three months of her life I was a crazy milk-obsessed person. Then I finally got my IGT diagnosis, and she had to go in for dehydration again and I realized I...
I gained 80+ lbs. I focused on the 176g of protein and never bothered counting calories. I figured if I was getting that much protein I was getting enough calories for sure. I switched health care providers at 30ish weeks having gained already 50lbs and he asked if I was sure I was eating enough. I knew he was the doc for me at that moment. I would not stay with a provider who was worried about too much weight gain.
We are in a similar situation here and we dont even know if they are MZ or not. Their big sister calls them "the boys", this boy, and that boy, or will ask me who is who if she wants to introduce them to someone. Our ped was very bothered by this so I was a little concerned but I dont think its a big deal really.
I wanna see mine!
just chiming in from another DDC Free and clears are not recommended for cloth diapers as they contain optical brighteners here is a great chart for figuring out how your detergent rates as a CD cleaner Allen's is a fabulous choice!
Jen- I am so sorry. Wishing you comfort in this difficult time
Not in your DDC but a personal IRL friend of Spark's. As far as I know she is on vacation in much warmer weather and as her friend sitting here in michigan am super jealous but confident she is fine but without internet!
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