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No advice just sympathy. My 2.5 yr old cries if we use soap and especially if we wash his hair. Just being in the tub with water, he does fine, but the second the soap comes out... i have tried telling him to look up which a friend of mine said she told her son nightly and he finally understood after like a year! Omg. My son looks up briefly then as I pour, he looks down and it all goes right in his face. I just try to go fast, but yeah, it's hard! Jennyanydots,...
205. So a 1.4 lb gain. I think? Math is not my strong point. :/ Bummed! A really bad week though. Glad for a fresh start this week.
I like reading this thread especially since my husband was just saying our son (now 2.5 yrs old) will "never" wean himself and joked that I'd be nursing him when he got home from high school in the afternoon! Hubby saying that made me realize I do have a limit, I guess! I will not nurse a high schooler, lol. I am pretty dedicated to letting him wean himself when he's ready but I find myself imagining (maybe even hoping?) he'll be done by about 4. Nursing is a funny...
I weighed in at 203.6 on Monday, a 1.2lb loss. Sorry I didnt wrote it until today!! Loving all the suggestions! I'm having a down day and already ate some high calorie comfort foods. I'll go take a long walk to try to balance it out though.
Thanks for doing this lilac! And congrats on twin boys!! Exciting!
I really want to join you all! I'm new to this section of Mothering all together. I'm branching out. I could really use a project like this to keep me motivated and jump start a healthier way of living. I'm just shy of 5'4". And I'm 204.8 lbs. I'm so happy I caught this just as it's starting!! I've had a lot of stress and sadness lately, and am excited about a positive project to focus on.
Thank you so much Imogen, Euryale and Blanca78.  I appreciate it, every word of support truly means a lot.  
Thanks JustJenny
Thank you tspencer, I was enjoying getting to know you too!    mamatoabunch, thank you very much.  Ugh, I'm sorry for your friend, too.  Not an easy thing to go through.
Thank you, LLTheTinkerbell!!  I've enjoyed getting to know you, too, and so many of the other sweet mamas here.    I sure will, you do the same, thanks for the wonderfully kind note.  <3
New Posts  All Forums: