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I was happy with the HCG Fusion.  Big plus is there's no taste.   I did hcg while nursing my 2.5 yo and noticed no change in supply, but she isn't nursing all day either.  I wouldn't personally be comfortable with a tiny one.  I know one person who did hhcg with a 6mo and she ate about 800 calories per day and did well (lost average amounts - about 1/2 lb per day), with no noticeable change in her milk supply, or baby's behavior.  Detoxing is a concern of mine, and...
In my experience, no - if you add protein because you really need it, you should still lose.  Everyone is different, of course.     Thank you :) I finished in March at 40 lbs lost.  I held mostly steady, then had a bit of a setback in late May and gained a few.  I decided to do another round of P2 which I just finished so I'm in P3 again now, and still right about 40 lbs lost.  (I had gained about 7 lbs, and then I gained 6 lbs more from loading! so I lost all of...
I'd try adding another serving so it was 3 proteins in the day instead of two.
I would eat more protein if I were you, to see if it helps how you feel.  So sorry, that sounds awful :(
Glad you're here! :)  Ground beef is also a staple for me, and I don't even know what % fat it is but have never had a problem with it.  I drain whatever fat there is and it works out fine.   For me, 1 day without drops is usually enough b/c I can literally feel it when it's out of my system.  Some people also antidote it with peppermint oil or something else and can feel the difference and then go straight to P3.
I'm sorry for your frustration :(  I would try cutting the fruit first to see if it helps.  
Yes, HCG Fusion is homeopathic.   Label
Hi Christy!  Nice to "meet" you :)  I'm so happy to hear about your success!   I'm at the beginning of a new round now, trying HCG Fusion.  I don't know anyone who has used it so I am giving it a try.  I gained about six pounds loading so I'm glad to see 4 of them come off after VLCD 1!  
You should read the e-book by Dr. Simeons - here is the link   VLCD = Very Low Calorie Diet   A round consists of the four phases:    Phase 1 is 2 days long - loading up on high fat foods and taking hcg Phase 2 is at least 3 weeks - 500 calories per day of allowed foods, while you take hcg and lose weight quickly. Phase 3 is 3 weeks of no sugar, no starch, but you're off the hcg and eating more calories while stabilizing your weight. Phase 4 is when you...
Anyone tried HCG Fusion or Creative Bioescence drops?  Frontier just started carrying both of those and the prices are great.     I'm still eating a salad just about every day (mostly just romaine, with cucumbers and tomatoes if I have them, and my homemade ranch) along with one other veggies, like broccoli, brussels sprouts, or cabbage.  Same veggies I eat on P2, in large quantities.  I have to go to the veggies for the bulk and the calories stay low.   I have...
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