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holy cow! that's a big baby! Congrats!
Congrats! You do pick amazing names!
I'm so sorry mama.
That was very moving! Thanks for sharing!
Maybe he is just getting cold feet. Has he watched any water births? Maybe that would help him be okay with it.
Welcome baby! and Congrats mama! He is so darn cute!
Is there a young teen around that you could hire as a helper? I know my dd would love to do that for someone.
I'm going to ask my midwife if I have to get a liner for the aquarium pool but other than that she recommends a new hose (which makes sense) and the hose/sink attachment. I think you can get these both for under $30. Oh and she also says a few extra dropcloths and towels.
oh my gosh yes! As soon as I got to the light switch I feel like a big failure. So I have just been doing what you do, leaving the switch on.  The second I turn it off I feel like my whole body gets twitchy so I'm just not going to stress it. I think I'll move on to the third week today. Don't know what else to do.
yuck, that sounds awful! I'll think of you next time I start feeling sorry for myself and all my "normal" pains. Maybe it will make me get over it a little. All I can say is hang in there.
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