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We nursed in the car quite a bit, when my son was first born.  He ate so frequently in the beginning, that I could "top him off" before running errands or walking downtown.  
I usually sleep with babe in a separate room, if he is nursing more than usual during the night.  In the mornings, my welll-rested hubby takes over for a few hours so I can nap.  
We had great, and quick, success with gentian violet. Sorry your babe is in pain!  My little guy benefitted from being held in a sitting position when having a bm.
I would up my own iron intake.  Floradix is great and if you are eating iron rich foods, then eat something high in Vit C along with it--makes the iron more absorbable.  Are you feeding them solids yet?
That makes sense.  I guess I will just ask the flight attendant what the allow before settling in.
What exactly is the rule about takeoff while holding an infant?  Why would you have to remove your babe from a front carrie/sling?  I can't find anything on the TSA site regarding takeoff rules.
I have a three month old and I would strongly suggest following the baby's lead.  He/she is still building up your supply, and since breast milk is suppy/demand, I would feed on demand and only pump to relieve discomfort.  My baby would often flail about and come on and off the breast, but it was because we were learning how to nurse together, plus that stimulates your supply.   Once we got to the two month mark, everything fell into a way more comfortable routine and my...
If my 3 month old falls asleep while nursing, and pulls off the breast, I take that to mean he is satiated.  Your breasts are never really empty--when babe is done eating than the meal is over.  When I first started nursing, while lying down, it took some getting used too, but now that is all we do during the night.
Thanks for sharing--it is helpful to hear!
My son is a little over three months and has never used a pacifier.  His feeding routine has changed alot over the past few weeks...eating less often, but more heartily, not pacifying on the breast as long, and so forth.  He has taken to sucking on his thumbs/fingers.  I used to take that as a sign he wanted to eat, but if I put him on the breast when I see him doing that, now, often he fusses and just pulls away to suck on his fingers.  Is it normal for him to just...
New Posts  All Forums: