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I find it helpful to compress my breast and touch my breast, under the areola (in a cradle hold) to the baby's bottom lip. It all happens pretty quickly, and I usually have to untuck his lips after he latches.
Thanks you for the responses--they are really helpful! I guess I should dismiss my feelings of rejection and just be more patient.
I have been using a nipple shield with my three week old since he was born. He wasn't latching when he was born (traumatic labor--led to a C section) and I didn't know of the nipple shields cons. I would like to wean him off the shield. Any attempt I make to offer my shieldless breast is met with immediate refusal and distressed behavior. I have tried offering my breast when he is sleepy, quickly removing the shield mid feed, and offering my breast at the slightest...
My 2 1/2 week old babe was diagnosed with thrush today. He was prescribed the regular course of Nysatin. I have mild symptoms-- mildly sore nipples (could be from breastfeeding though) and my nipples were cracked the first week. I was given a one time oral dose of Flucazone (sp). After doing some research, I have seen that moms should take a week or so of antibiotics. My question: Anyone have success with the one time dose of Flucazone.
I have a 12 day year old. It seems like every other day breast feeding is challenging. Baby cries and fusses at the breast--and it looks like he needs to pass gas or have a bm. Is there anything that works to help him get rid of that gas or stimulate his bowels? He just struggles and fusses until it finally occurs, which is sometimes hours later. For example, yesterday, he had two good bms in the morning and was really fussy in the afternoon through this morning, when...
This post is just what I was looking for! I feel like my body mechanics have definitely changed this week and I assumed it was due to baby dropping. I have a lot of pressure on my pubic bone every time I stand--it subsides after a few minutes. Is anyone else experiencing that? Also, it is uncomfortable to swing out bed or the car one leg at a time due to the pressure on my pubic bone--sound normal? Of course, when I looked up my concerns online all points lead me to...
Thanks for the feedback everyone, it is very helpful!
I will be a stay at home mom and plan to nurse naturally as much as possible--not planning to introduce bottles for a few months. Any suggestions for breast pumps? I don't think I will need a high tech double pump, just something practical.
Thanks for the responses! I will clarify at my next appointment. I definitely came away from the appt. feeling like I was supposed to come into the hospital if my contractions didn't start within four hours, in order to be induced.
I just had my 34 week visit and was discussing a few things with my doctor. She stated that if my water breaks and contractions don't start within four hours that she would put me on "schedule for induction"--due to risk of infection. She is easy going about most things, but said she wouldn't wait longer than four hours. Has anyone delayed reported that bag of waters ruptured to not be put on that timeline?
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