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I am a preservice early childhood waldorf teacher who operates a playschool within our home. (3 children, plus my own 22 month old) I am paid $25 per day, per child. (8:45 am-3:30 Pm) hope this helps! http://bendingbirches2010.blogspot.com/
hi there! I operate a small waldorf inspired playschool out of my home in bethlehem, pennsylvania. I have 3 children in attendance right now, plus my own 22 month old. I am currently about to start introductory classes for waldorf early childhood teacher certification:) I'd love to bounce ideas:) I blog often about our findings at http://bendingbirches2010.blogspot.com/
hello ladies...  I am searching for some beautiful "waldorf" art print postcards....mostly marjan van zeyl or ruth elasser....my favorite site with the best selection is maplerose.com, but shipping to the USA is over 20.00!   Does anyone have a favorite online retailer that offers a good selection of such cards?   love,  rebecca http://bendingbirches2010.blogspot.com/
I also "like" (LOVE!) bella luna toys on FB :):)
I "like" mothering on FB (LOVE!)
hi there,  I know what you mean....I am about to start teacher training this summer for waldorf early childhood...I live in pennsylvania, about 2 hours from sunbridge. I will attend the 1-week summer intensive course in July, and I'll be commuting back and forth (I just cant spend the night away from my son!! We are both not ready...) It's going to be a lot of information in a short amount of time...I took intensive courses during my undergrad, and I remember being...
what a great idea for a thread! I love the inspiration I have found through this site and blogging! here are some shots of our playspaces:       Excited to see more pics from everyone!   Rebecca:) http://bendingbirches2010.blogspot.com/
we had a lovely candlemas, full of ice and snow... this is a lovely festival, and it doesn't have to be overdone with lots of props, toys, gadgets. For the little ones, just explaining how we give thanks and love to the light is beautiful and just enough. Enjoy a relaxing and peaceful dinner by candlelight...create an earth candle....be thankful for each other and (if this applies to you), your faith in Jesus...
hi love,   I change over our table as each season changes......for example, we changed over ours from fall to winter on the winter solstice...it was kind of a long wait, but I enjoy the ritual! I do add little "extras" during specific holidays during the season (easter, epiphany, martinmas, etc.) but there is a  constant design throughout the season that keeps us rhythmic.   here is a link to our winter...
hi ladies,  I write a blog about living a 'waldorf lifestyle' while on a budget (or, if you're like us....with basically "no budget'-- we can't really afford any extras; esp. in the wintertime!)   Someone so kindly linked to my post on rhythm of the home above...thank you so much:)  I also wanted to add that looking through your local FREECYCLE and CRAIGSLIST is worthwhile:) Best of luck <3 http://bendingbirches2010.blogspot.com/
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