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Shared the link on Facebook and liked both pages.  I would loooooove to wear this carrier out with my boy and spread awareness for babywearing!  Thanks for the opportunity.
My favorite thing about babywearing is being able to get things done while still keeping my baby close.  He prefers to be worn, and I prefer to wear him!  I also love the looks I get in stores when I have him on my back as I grocery shop, etc.  People think it's such a great idea!  I wish it was more common.  :)
This is not a food but I have heard of making soap from your breastmilk.  I am trying to find a good recipe for this for my own freezer stash that I can't feed to baby right now.
      ian'smommaya and Cynthia Mosher, would you be willing to share a milk soap recipe?  I got on this thread looking for ideas and had heard of the soap one recently.  I have 40oz of frozen BM from before my elimination diet that I can't feed to my baby now so wanted to figure out what else to do with it.  Would love to make soap (but will have to keep it a secret from my husband what's in it because he thinks its gross!!)  TIA!     BTW Cynthia, did a list ever get...
I know this thread is a little old but wanted to throw out that Tattler makes a reusable canning lid that is BPA free.  I'm sure you can Google it to find a source for purchasing.    I'm not sure what sizes they sell, but it would be an option if you were to use canning jars for freezing BM and wanted a BPA free lid.  :)
I also "Liked" Gaia Herbs and Mothering on Facebook!
Would love to win!  Have a 4 month old little guy and fortunately haven't had to use anything with him yet.  But, 'tis the season!  Thanks for the chance to win.  :)
So bummed I missed this thread!  Hope everyone's necklaces (or whatever you made out of the beads) came out great.  Such a cool idea!
    You're not joking...feeling movements down toward my rectum is the.weirdest.sensation.ever!!!!
    That's a good point about vax that I hadn't considered... I'm a nursing student and should be working as an R.N. by the time this baby is 9 months old.  I will probably be exposed to all sorts of stuff and bringing that home... hmm...... more fodder for my husband's pro-vax stance.  Must think about this!
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