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Quote: Originally Posted by alegna WV and Mississippi only have medical exemptions. Medical exemptions can only be for individual vaccines and have to be pretty seriously documented in most cases and in some cases can be overruled by an "official" dr. -Angela Yep, WV and Mississippi. I also cannot forge vax documents. We have also looked into private schools, montessori schools, homeschooling etc and those really aren't options. We have...
Yes. She was vaxed on schedule until it came to her second MMR and I started hearing about the risks of the mmr. So, I stopped vaccinating her at that point. We thought we would be okay coming to wv because other than the mmr, she has had the required number of doses of those six vaccines, but we didn't figure out the "last dose must be after the age of 4" bullsh*t. She has had other vaxes such as hib. I have not given any vaccines to my 18 month old. The...
Yes, just don't move to West Virginia ha!
Quote: Originally Posted by HeatherHeather http://qjmed.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/.../full/95/9/609 Bond GR, Novak JE. The human and economic cost of paracetamol (acetaminophen) overdose. Pharmacoeconomics 1995; 8:177–81. I think I remember seeing that CP cost about $80 mil per year. So Tylenol wins. I'll be back with a figure. Well there you go then. People need to stop being stupid and using tylenol incorrectly. I think there is a...
So, basically, the seperating measles and rubella from the mumps portion of the vaccine probably isn't helpful? I should just do the MMR vaccine? She has had one MMR vaccine but not a second dose. She has to have measles, rubella (or mmr), polio, and DTaP and I have about 60 days. These are technically kindergarten "booster" shots. I had her vaxed (she is 5) but I have never had my ds (18 months) vaxed.
I am assuming they make these right? We recently moved to WV and there are no exemptions in this state for school. They only require measles and rubella, not mumps. The ped office only stocks the MMR vax. They said they would call the central health office and see if they have the measles and rubella vaxes but did not think they have it. So, should we give an MMR or insist on the just the two and if so, how would we get the individual vax's?
Well... I think they are thinking of the total cost of chicken pox. Like, how much it costs people to stay home with sick kids who might otherwise be working and that kind of stuff. I think vaccines are really a money issue more than anything else. OD'ing on tylenol, while it might cause the same number of deaths, isn't nearly as expensive as caring for people who are sick but live with chicken pox.
I had my daughter in 2001. She was on a fairly normal basic vax schedule. Then I started reading about vax issues and stopped at her second mmr. So, she hasn't had the second mmr vax. We moved to WV, a state with NO medical or philisophical exemptions. They require DTaP, measle, rubella and polio. I would prefer to only do the measles and rubella rather than the mmr vax. They are requiring her to get these as a booster shot as all of her vaxes were before the age of...
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