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  Yes! I actually don't live there, but I know several mamas in RC that have a well-established group of families that are natural-minded that get together!
Wow! Good for you! I bet you could possibly get away with buying 1st grade and lessening the "difficulty" for the younger kids. If yours are anything like mine, they enjoy learning together anyway - bigger kids like "teaching" what they've learned to the younger ones. Just a thought. :-)I joined an online OM group recently, and there have been various used curriculum sales of at least one of the grades your looking to acquire. PM me if you would like more info!!
Hopefully your separation hasn't been too rough! I would possibly increase the pumping frequency (5x?). As you mentioned, actual nursing drains better than artificial sucking. As the previous reply mentioned, that is enough time to affect supply. It is hard to say definitively what to do since every situation is different - some kids may be more reluctant to start nursing again and other may return with voracity! Do you feel that the nursing was providing a decent amount...
That's awesome!  
Ooohhh! I'm interested in Grade 1 as well! (in line behind you of course) :-) Love4bob, are you homeschooling all three of those grades?
Hi!! Congratulations on your decision to homeschool!   The first thing that I think may help with more directed suggestions is what type of environment and/or structure you prefer. Some parents like a very regimented approach, others like flexibility.... complete curriculum all framed out to the day or loose recommendations to use as a guideline. It all really depends. If you would like options that incorporate more of a religious aspect, that would be something to...
CONGRATULATIONS!! Very exciting! Welcome, welcome to your soon-to-be world of twins!   I would concur that help would be beneficial post c-section. I had a nearly 5-week NICU stay, so I didn't have to do as much moving and bending than if I had been home. Everyone heals at different rates and has various pain thresholds, but recovery can be tough. Not sure if you've been through that before - it was drastically different for me than having natural births!! With that...
Thank you for sharing!! I thought this was very interesting, and I have since shared it with others as an intriguing reference. ;-)
The time goes sooooo fast, doesn't it?!?!   Knowing? I basically started getting morning sickness and was like "wait a minute..."    Hopefully everything will just fall into place for you at the perfect moment. I'll send you some fertility vibes!
  I probably should have worded that better. I apologize if my remark came across as snarky.   Organic vs. conventional, cost of living, food variety, and family size definitely make a difference. For me personally, I could not feed my family of 6 (and 4x/month relatives) the type of food we eat on anywhere near $150-200/month. I suppose the 5% is also relative to what the income level is. The less you make, the more groceries eat out of your budget.   Some of you must...
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