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Congratulations on 21 months of nursing!! That is a big milestone. I think extended nursers sometimes forget how awesome it is to make it so far. When so many mamas don't nurse at all or only go a few months, coming up on 2 years is OUTSTANDING! Woot woot!   I think weaning is definitely a combination of what is and isn't working between mother and child. If you are tired of it and growing agitated by the process, then by all means, I would slowly try to wean....
If you are buying primarily organic everything, I do not think that your weekly budget is off base. Especially considering your comment about the cost of living in your area. I find the 5% of monthly income for food a laughable percentage. I'm not even sure how that would be remotely possible unless you were feeding your family boxes of ramen noodles???   I used to have higher weekly spending until I modified some of our meals and shopping habits. I spread out my...
    Sending you love. I hope the upcoming days are a little easier. I've been there.
I could definitely see the pros and cons to both!   I agree with many of the points cantora87 mentioned. This is a time when your DD1 is strongly attached to you and learns so much from your relationship to her and the world around you both. Much differently than, say, a pre-teen who is starting to perhaps flex some distancing muscles and long for more solid relationships with friends. Every child is different though, and you know your situation better than anyone....
  I'm still here! Albeit as a silent observer of everyone else achieving their goals! My youngest LOs got colds - and that sort of threw the schedule upside down. I'm beginning to wonder why I thought I could attain 1x/week! Geeeez.     CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Yay!! I hope that you are enjoying sweet snuggles with your new little love!! How awesome!!!
  Better than me so far! However, since I made a goal of once per week ... I'm totally going to stretch it and say that this week counts as the first week for me ... you know, give myself some additional days to make my goal. Man those kiddos eat up all the free time!!   Way to go all of you ladies!!
Whew .... only 2-3 years to go!!   Seriously though, that was a super sweet story. These little years can be TOUGH. I remember people telling me "the first year will be the hardest" ... ummmm, no. However, I can definitely see how as they get older, things change and the dynamic and relationship look different each year.   Sometimes I forget how amazing it is to be a mom of multiples! Thank you for sharing and providing inspiration!  
  Congrats on the baby!! There are a lot of gentle poses you could do post-birth. Your body does so much changing after you have a baby - lots going on! :o)   I have a relative with AS as well. I feel for you. That kind of discomfort can really be debilitating and hard to bear. I hope the routine and adjustments are providing you with some relief. That's a tough burden, especially when you are pregnant!   Namaste ladies!
  DYING OF LAUGHTER!! That sums up my life ALL. DAY. LONG. The attention seems to always be more pressing if I am trying to focus on anything else. lol!
Whoa!! I second Momsteader's comment. AWESOME for nursing, and CONGRATULATIONS on the new babe!   I would maybe look for things that have good bioavailablity in addition to your prenatal. Smoothies are a great way to pack a powerhouse of nutrients into one easy beverage that you can cater to your palate!   Best wishes on your pregnancy!!  
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