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(((hug))) I could have written your exact scenario when my DD was that age ... and actually my son does a lot of this now and he's a bit younger. Just remember that some days are hard, some days are harder and some days you feel like being a mom is a breeze! Fortunately, the love and dedication for your child is what gets you through it. Being a mom, especially a nursing/AP one, can be extremely draining physically and emotionally. You are doing everything...
Hey there! We've always used chiropractic care to help. Are you nursing her? Wondering if using breastmilk would provide any benefit since it has medicinal properties. ??? Check out this article (if you haven't read it already) http://www.mothering.com/breastfeedi...medicine-chest. Poor girl. Hope she gets well soon!
Thank you for the reply! I just wasn't sure how one goes about dealing with the 'Action Days' and what to do with kids. I currently live in an area with no air pollution, so this is all new to me. It sounds like you love being there despite any issues, so that is definitely encouraging!
Hi everyone!! My family and I are in the middle of a potential relocation to the SLC area from the midwest. We have done a lot of research about your area, and it seems to be a beautiful place to live with so much activity and fun stuff to do. We visited in June and were very impressed. My biggest concern is all of the information I have read about air pollution. I was hoping maybe some of you would be willing to share your experience, thoughts and opinions on this?...
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