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after reading some of the other posts of people trying to meet other people, I realize, maybe I should be more specific? Looking for crunchy moms, I dont mind if your kids are 2 mos or 22 yrs, I would love to have someone who I can relate to, regardless of our kids ages.
I am interested in getting to know or finding moms in the south/ southeast olympia area--Rochester, Oakville, Grand Mound, Elma, Montesano, etc, even if your a bit further, thats ok too. Chehalis, Centralia....Im ok with it. We live out in the country so long drives are the norm, but from what I can find, naturally minded, or even open? minded moms arent. Im not a stickler in any of my parenting theories, just would love to meet moms in my area who are open to a...
sorry, its BASTYR.
can you get in touch with Batyr university? Naturopathic university, they may be able to direct you
http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/769115/the-pinworm-thread   Not to be pushy with the issue, I just found this. This is think is more about children, but I thought it might be useful. I have read that we can inhale pinworm eggs and they can maifest that way, too.
I used to have this exact thing. It sometimes even smelled like broccoli too.....(?) Unrelated to it, I did an intestinal parasite cleanse and the smell went away. While cleansing, I read alot about parasites, and cleansing, and found that parasites byproducts are ammonia. It took me months to make the connection between the two. This is probably really gross to read, or think about, but I feel a million times better and had no real reason to think I needed one in the...
Sounds like it could possibly be yeast....? I dont know how I would treat it as that, but I had a issue similar to this in my house.
When I was preg I took tooooons of probiotics. I took fem dophilus by jarrow to reduce my risk of GBS, I took several others, too, because I read study after study saying that they reduce the newborns risk of allergies, reduce gestational diabetes, and because they kept me "regular" through out my pregnancy. I waould talk to many women who were preg too, and moaning "Im soo constipated!" but I never was. Funny, when I would start talking about probiotics they didnt...
I would give her something to support her internally, like lemon balm tea, and I have heard that elderberry syrup is good for this too. Anthing to help the body battle viruses and support the immune system. Good luck. Have you tried putting the stuff in the bath after she gets in? Or filling a cup and letting her "play" with it until it disperses? Something to distract her hopefully. Hang in there and know that altough she is suffering, she is building her immune system,...
Thank you for all the help. Im not sure what El is? New to this I guess...And no vaxes! Vit K at birth, which I regret as we didnt circ. It was actually a battle to not vax as dh was for it. Im so glad I stood my ground. Thanks again for all the help. Is it common to be idenitfied in children this young? And yes, she was super hesitant to bring it up, but when she said it my first thought was "she thinks it too! Im not crazy!"
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