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Lol, yes they got the Uhaul back on time, they just didn't get themselves back in time! 
I was induced with our first, so no idea how close to the EDD she would have been, but I was 41 weeks + 2 days with our second (home birth). Our midwives said it's very common to go 1 - 2 weeks past the EDD with a second/subsequent child(ren).
We closed on our new home Monday the 17th of June, and started moving in that same day. My parents were up from Missouri to help out and were hoping that the baby would be here before they left to go back. Tuesday morning around 1:30am I awoke to a pretty painful contraction, but the next one didn't come until 20 minutes later, and the next one was 10 minutes after the previous one, and the next 20 minutes after, etc etc. I tried to sleep through them, but around 4 or...
It's been so exciting to hear about the births and the impending labor signs that all you mamas have been writing about! I've been lurking mostly because I haven't had a whole lot of time to chime in regularly, but I just wanted to say congratulations to the mamas who have finally gotten to meet their babies! YOU DID IT!!! And for the mamas waiting, your body knows exactly what to do, and when the time comes, you'll do it the way you and your baby need it done, and soon...
Congratulations to all the mamas who got to meet their little ones recently!   Last night I woke up around midnight-ish with pretty intense contractions that came every 5 minutes and lasted about one minute for about a half hour. Then they spread out and tapered off. Today, I've been exhausted even after a two hour nap, and have been feeling pretty nauseated for a couple of hours now. Really, I've been feeling nauseated here and there throughout the whole pregnancy,...
  NO! DH and I don't do it very often. I've been really uncomfortable... and I have hemorrhoids (only two, and small, but still....) so I'm self-conscious to do it in any position except missionary... which isn't always all that much fun (or comfortable at almost 34 weeks). We also have a 3.5 year old who co-sleeps with us (hoping to change that within the next couple of months when we move into our new house), so we don't get a whole lot of private-time.    I honestly...
This is such a beautiful photo, but honestly I can't stand any pressure on my tummy right now. My 3yo likes to lay her head on my belly, too, but the baby is partially up in my stomach-area and it is SOOO uncomfortable to have more pressure on it.
We use a mixture of water, vinegar, lemon and tea tree oil to clean surfaces around the house. We also use homemade laundry detergent made with Washing Soda, Borax, and OxiClean (which you can add essential oil to as well). Oh, and when vacuuming carpets/rugs, I always soak a cotton ball or small wad of fabric with fragrance or essential oil and suck it up in the vacuum, and it makes the house smell lovely!
My friend is hosting a Mother Blessing for me in May and we're going to do henna!!! I'm super excited as I've always loved henna, especially on hands and big bellies!! <3
Shared on Facebook, and already a fan of both! <3
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