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I'm the primary caregiver during the day, although my wife works from home so she can help out as needed (sometimes this can make things more stressful, but that's for another post).  For a long time, when she finished working she would take the boy, and would have him for much of the weekends too.  Eventually, I realized that this was not fair to her at all, and we try to break things up a lot more equally now.  (Things are also a bit tougher as our 10-month-old is high...
Judging by the dates of the posts, we obviously haven't succeeded in getting much dad discussion going in here.  Right now, I'm a SAHD to our 10-month-old, although my wife and I might be switching roles in the next 4-6 weeks.  Just wanted to chime in also and say it would be nice to have more dad discussion!
Our 10-month-old pretty much always wakes between 35-50 after being put down (whether naps, night time, etc), and generally insists on nursing to go back to sleep.  We haven't really been able to get anything to work, either, and it's starting to wear on us.  So I feel your pain!
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