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Hi Everyone!  I just wanted to check in and say  to everyone from the last challenge.  It was really a lot of fun and very motivating...I lost 15.4 lbs!  I wish I could be joining you again, as I still have some weight to lose, but I just got some very exciting news...I'm pregnant!!   (I thought AF was late because I had started exercising after a 10 year hiatus and was losing weight LOL)  I got to see a tiny little heartbeat yesterday!!   I'm still planning to eat...
Late check-in....I'm at 123.6, so not much of a loss, but still something!  Is today the last day of the challenge or is next Monday the final weigh-in?
Hey Buzzer, you might outgrow your love of that stuff.  I used to eat it every single day until my dd was diagnosed with a peanut allergy 10 years ago.  After her diagnosis, we never kept it in the house.  She recently outgrew her allergy and MUST eat peanuts every day now, so I tried it again and my,oh my...it is terrible!!!  She hates it, too, so she swallows peanuts like vitamins!  Just give it a decade or so......
Congratulations, Trekkingirl!!  That's Fantastic!!!
Just checking in quickly....Claybear and Stegenrae, I'm sending healthy, healing vibes your way.  Ouchie, is right!!   Well, turns out I was only off the bandwagon for 1 day, so I still have a loss to report this week....125.0!  Bring on the Pie!!
Claybear...absolutely fabulous!!  You go!!!  Wish I had thought to take measurements when I started.   I'm with you, Trekkingirl.  I went out with some friends on Tuesday night to celebrate the completion of a very, very large volunteer fundraising project that I chaired.  Well, lots of margaritas and nachos is not so good for weight loss...although it was great for my sanity!  I'm afraid to go near the scale!  After eating so healthy for the last several weeks, it...
Thanks for the pie, Milk!  Gotta love those percentages!!    I weighed in at 128.0 today, so I think that's only down 1.8.  Better than nothing.....   Off to exercise now...looking for a bigger loss this week!   GO RED TEAM!!!
Wow...the halfway mark already?    Congratulations, Milk!  It sure does feel  great when those clothes start getting too big, doesn't it?   BB, I second all the advice here.  It really seems like too few calories for your activity level.  I know it feels odd to eat more to lose weight, but it works!  I hope you tried lots of wonderful stuff at the food bazaar!   Sorry AF showed up, Trekkingirl.  The first PPAF always feels like a holiday has come to an...
That's what worked for me just recently...I added in about 200-300 more calories for a few days.  Then went back to my normal eating and the weight started dropping again.  Good Luck....and enjoy the indulgence!
Oh, trekkingirl, I'm hoping you find some pain relief soon!   Awesome job on the weight loss this week, ladies!!!  Everyone is doing so well!!   I weighed in at 133.6 this morning, so I'm down 1.6 lbs...at least it's a little better than last week    
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