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If we would have had DDs, they would have been Nora and Stella.
  Yes, I noticed a mild dip in  my supply with my first period so I followed the guidance here -- http://www.motherandchildhealth.com/Breastfeeding/Becky/menstruation.html. I believe many notice a dip in supply with the return of AF.
My return to work after mat leave is what started AF for both boys. I started back to work around 12-13 months with both and AF started around 13.5 months after. For me, it seemed that as soon as I was down to fewer than 5 feeds / day, that my body returned to fertility.   I never noticed any changes with my milk production but I did take a cal / mag 1500 / 750 mg supplement right before ovulation until my period started.
My FIL has made a few comments, particularly about how awful I am for going back to work, should be at home, and don't even get me started on nursing and (gasp) extended nursing.   I just look at him and change the topic. As much as I would love to say how I feel, I don't want to get into a discussion on our parenting decisions. As soon as I respond, to me, that makes it seem like it is up for discussion. It isn't so there is no point even responding. If he says it...
DS1 had absolutely no interest in being potty trained, sitting in a poopy diaper did not bother him in the least and he would hide when he pooped (like if he did it in another room, we wouldn't be able to smell it when he came out!).   At 3, he moved to the pre-school room at daycare and he was now with 4 & some 5 year olds who hadn't started kinder yet. I hoped that would be enough to interest him but nope. Finally, he started being taken to the bathroom with the...
I love eating lemons, love all things sour and I craved sour all through my pregnancy. Both boys love lemons too. I gave DS2 a lemon wedge and people thought I was being mean giving him lemons to eat. Yes, he made a sour face but he kept on eating it and wouldn't let it go.   I also wouldn't hesitate to let kids try flavourful / spicy foods.  
We don't do 9 month WBV here, just 6 and 12 month. Both my boys gained maybe 2-3 lbs between 6 & 12 months though and both ended up dropping on the curve -- from around 50% to 25%. They both grew in height (kept on their curve - 85-90%), head circ also grew. However, they both started walking pretty early (DS1 at 10 months and DS2 at 8 1/2 months) so they were constantly moving. It's no wonder that the weight didn't pile on!   While my doctor fills out the growth...
I never gave up any foods.  I think (unless there is a true allergy issue) that all foods should be fine.  Babies have an immature digestive system and it may seem like broccoli, beans, etc made them gassy but it really is just the immature systems working to mature.    I found this very helpful: http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/mom/mom-foods.html   We eat a lot of spicy foods -- Mexican, Indian, Thai, etc. and neither of my boys had any problems with the...
Have you seen the info on Kellymom?  http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/index.html   I would highly recommend finding out the medication and calling Infant Risk to find out if there is a problem.  http://www.infantrisk.org/   Unfortunately most doctors have no idea what is compatible with breastfeeding but Infant Risk does.
I always knew 2 was it for us and as soon as DS2 was born, our family felt complete.  DH has had a vasectomy  too.  There is a part of me that is sad I will never be mum to a little girl but I love my two monkeys and am content to be done.
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