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I'm 31 weeks and in the same boat. She's my first too, but I have yet to clear out the office and start setting up her room/shared office. Due January 27th...........yikes. Oh, well I figure I'm not living out the in boonies, if she needs something...I can go to the store and get it! right?
7wks / 5 days = 160 13 weeks - 147
Quote: Originally Posted by Marisgirl 1.My favorite color is pink 2.My favorite season is fall(Me Too!-Marisgirl) 3.I married my high school sweetheart ME TOO (sunsetmirage) but ONLY for the HS sweetheart (not pink...it's my least favorite color) ;-) Did I just mess this up? 4. I've lived on the West Coast, East Coast, and South!
* EDD : January 27, 2011 (so close to my Feb 2nd birthday) * Your Name: Shiloh * Age: 30 * State or Country: Dallas, TX * How long it took to you to get your BFP: 2 months! SOONER than I thought! * What number child is this for you: NUMERO UNO! First pregnancy! * Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): My best friend and husband! * Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): Hoping for a BOY * Birth Plans/Preferences: Not really...
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