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I'd love for you guys to take a look at my blog and follow me. (It's listed as my homepage if you click on my name). I will return the favor. Just recently started with the blog, and I'm trying to build up my followers. Thanks in advance.
Surprisingly, the soreness of my muscles has motivated me to continue working hard.... How ironic--that's what kept me from working out for the longest time.
Honestly, reading everyone's responses is quite motivating as well!
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife I didnt mean to make light of what you're feeling. I hope I didn't come across like that... Even as a non veg*n I hate seeing animals suffer Don't worry, you didn't come across that way. I think you made a good point.
you're probably right
The halfway crushed thing was the situation, and I chose to end its suffering. It makes me sick to do that though.
I understand that you don't have time because you are taking care of everyone else, but you really need to take some time for you. You can even prepare healthy snacks for the week during that time. One thing I started that has really helped is getting those small snack size ziplock bags and filling them with only one serving of a snack. That way I'm not tempted to eat the whole bag of pretzels. Fill a bunch of these baggies up and have them ready for you to just...
FYI, if it is fat, then doing ab crunches isn't going to make it go away. You need to adjust your DIET and continue burning those calories with cardio as well as strength exercises. A lot of times the last place for women to lose fat is the belly area. If it is stretched out skin, however, the only option as someone stated above is surgery to remove the excess skin.
Maybe once I start seeing real results that will motivate me to keep it up as well. Thanks for sharing everyone!
This is kind of an off the wall question, but nontheless it is something I encountered this morning on my way to work and has been bothering me since. If a squirrel or other small animal gets hit by a car but is suffering and still alive, is it more humane to pass him up and let him die from his injuries or to use your car to end his suffering?
New Posts  All Forums: