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I know of an Episcopalian school in the Dorchester area, since I know that they tend to be more tolerant. With Catholic schools you may want to go in and talk to them and see how you feel.
There is the Diaper Lab in Somerville. 201A Highland Ave.
Does she know where she is delivering? Hospitals often have lactation consultants that she can talk to.
Quote: Originally Posted by TanyaG73 Great to hear you had a great experience, Tea! Unfortunately we found out that Dr. Kowalik was one of the bunch that decided to leave RSC, so the options were very limited. Our consult with Steven Bayer, MD is tomorrow and my hubby and I are really anxious! Fingers crossed for a good experience! Oh man, I wonder where she went. She was really great.
Tanya: we used Dr Kowalik at RSC and she was wonderful.
I can recommend another doctor at RSC if you want to stay at the practice. They were wonderful and we have a lovely baby boy to show for all the work they did.
it is me. I was wondering who did that. I'll add you back. sadly I recently had some drama with people on LJ so I am really hoping to meet people in person. My guy is a little small for the story times and still doesn't want to sit still for long. I did find a coupon for a free Gymboree class and that went well. I have a playdate with one of the other moms this week. I have mommy cards so I often give those to people. Most people never contact me but at...
I'm in Boston. Dorchester to be exact. I'm posting on lots of different boards. I think the big issue is that people can't really afford to be SAHMs in this area. If I had a car it would be much easier for me. But getting rid of the car and some other expenses are what allow me to stay at home. Catch 22. I should post directly but I'm a bit new to the boards and just getting the hang around here.
I've been doing most of these things. I think I just need to remind myself to keep trying. I have some social anxiety so it tends to be a bit harder for me to really connect with people. Someone elsewhere had suggested coffee shops and boards so tomorrow I'll be checking some out. I appreciate the suggestions. It helps keep me going
How does one go about meeting other parents in the area? Ok, let me be more specific... without having a car (only having T access) and not being able to spend an arm and a leg on things like Gymboree how does one go around meeting other parents? My son is just shy of 11 months and I'm looking to meet other moms in the area. I don't have a car (except for weekends) and live along the red line. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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