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Felt my first real, no question about it movements today, though I've been suspecting for weeks.  Can I make a confession?  While I love the reassurance from feeling movement, I really don't like how it feels.  I always think "Bloop!"  And "bloop" isn't really a great feeling.  Just kind of weird.  Anyone else not really love the way the movements feel, especially in the early stages before you're getting flat out kicked in the ribs?
Hah!  I was just thinking about making a big cup noodle that we have hanging around in the pantry.  It's been bugging me, and I can only think of one good way to get rid of it :)  Think I'll go make it now...
OkiMom, you are totally scaring me!  My size has increased steadily from high school on, even without being pregnant/nursing.  I really thought it was supposed to stop in young adulthood, but maybe that's a misconception?  Anyway, I really, REALLY don't want any more boob.  And I feel for you.  You must have a really small frame to be that size, so that's really a lot to carry around. 
What happens if you have the clean up time but don't require participation? I don't know how this works with an older child, but it works well for my 4 year old and 2 year old niece when I watch her. I sing a tidying up song and just start to pick up. My DD usually joins in if her own volition, and I'll give her little tasks to do. Sometimes she'll drift between play and clean up, which is fine with me. My niece usually doesn't join in for long, but I expect she will...
I am right there with you. I find myself wishing I'd had twins when I had my DD so I could have my 2 kids and be all done with the baby and toddler stages. I want a child much more than I want a baby, you know? My DD's infancy was just plain a struggle, and now I finally feel pretty human again. FTR, I think we'll actually do better this time around, since I already have my life and routine as a SAHM well established. My biggest concern is about my daughter. I am, I...
ThatThat's exactly what I'm making tonight.
II LOVE this coupon idea. One in each egg would be awesome!
I neverI never thought to put artichokes in a soup. I have some I need to use. Hmm....Tonight was leftover pot roast "birthday soup" - carrots, potatoes, peas and tomatoes. Very yummy and TONS left to freeze.
About 10 pounds up here at 17 weeks. I'm hoping to hold steady for a bit now that the weird crazy first tri eating has passed. I'm sticking to my GD diet AND exercise plan. This is the most deliberate exercise I have gotten in years. It had gosh darned better help!
Small band/large cup means you have a comparatively large cup size for your band size. I am a 34 DDD right now, which is not a size you can often find in stores. It IS common to find DD and DDD in larger band sizes - 38 and up. I think they expect that women with big cup sizes are just larger women in general. When bras are small/medium/large, the size charts can never accommodate the small band/large cup thing. For what it's worth, 32c is a pretty average size still,...
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