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Oh, I hear you. I can't stand unplanned time, and my near-4 year old can't handle too much in a row either. We have a basic daily rhythm planned out, and then I also try to make sure we have an outside activity each day. We do gymnastics once a week, library story time, and play group at a nearby Waldorf school, then fill in with a play date or two, a trip to the mall play area, or sometimes a special paid activity like s museum or indoor playground. I find it most...
Following along here, as I've definitely been having trust issues with the ES approach lately. I feel like I'm setting out the foods I'd like her to eat, in the balance I'd like her to eat them, but of course she chooses only the preferred foods every time. This seems to be increasing lately, and it has me worried and feeling like i should "force" her to eat other things by not offering the foods I find less ideal. Like bread . But seeing that word force in my sentence...
Like others, we always do two birthdays, so it doesn't seem so weird to me. If it's a weekday, it's just me and DD anyway, and I'll do a small gift and we'll have an outing or something. Party's always on Easter for us, so sometimes it's week's in between. She doesn't care in the slightest
Getting a little off plan here this week, but I think tonight will be tofu and cabbage stir fry over rice, and tomorrow, leftovers. Pasta e fagioli last night came out great, thank goodness. I've been in such a cooking funk lately.
For cabinet latches, we've loved the ones that latch inside the door and use a magnet "key.". The door can't be opened at all when it's latched. Just have to make sure the magnet stays in the right hands
I don't remember struggling this much last pregnancy, but I do remember having a strong aversion to tomato products and garlic powder that lasted the whole pregnancy. I was convinced I would never enjoy pizza again. (I was wrong, thankfully!)
Aversions: Almost everything:), but especially peanut butter, anything with a "browned" flavor, chicken and broth, pasta (which I usually binge eat), anything that tastes of seasoning, chocolate, and tomato products. Cravings: I wish. I'm really struggling to find things I can eat. Last night for supper I scoured the house and eventually came up with mashed potatoes mixed with creamed corn and ACV. Um, ew. But I had two helpings. Pickles and vinegar seem to help...
My friend's daughter was a nightmare to her father when she was young. It was so hard to watch her treat him that way that sometimes we made excuses not to visit. In her case, it was definitely related to insecurity about him not being there. He worked quite a bit, and she stayed home with her mom. I wish I had good advice for you. I think in their case time was really the cure. We have a version of this in our house, too, and it is definitely hard on my DDs Dad.0
Last night's supper was a bit disastrous. I hated the chicken (it's on my yuck list right now), had to make mashed potatoes because we ran out of time for the rutabaga - and they were red potatoes, which I don't like mashed. My gravy was too salty. Blah. Today I racked my brain to make leftovers palatable and ended up with a brown rice salad with chicken, cabbage, green beans, shredded carrot, and a clementine vinaigrette. Not too bad!
So far.., Sunday: homemade fish sticks with home fries and peas/corn Monday: Crockpot chicken with carrots and rutabaga and green beans Tuesday: Pasta e fagioli Wednesday: Something involving leftover chicken and cabbage Thursday: Peruvian lentils and rice with cole slaw
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