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Just wanted to remind you how very little 5 months still is. I know when my daughter was that age I didn't realize how little she'd still be able to do in terms of play. In retrospect, it would have helped me to get myself into a stronger routine back then. My daughter didn't require that, but I think a baby that age really thrives on following adult patterns. And I didn't really have any pattern for myself, so we just got bored! New mom group was really helpful,...
Ugh. I've gone from 99% aversion, 1% unhealthy craving to just plain all-out aversion to everything. I just keep turning foods over in my head, trying to envision one tasting good. No luck. Fried rice with duck sauce might still be in the running. Maybe. Overcooked zucchini I can handle pretty well. And I'm still capable if eating scrambled eggs, but the melting butter smell is awful. Really hoping that food starts to seem more appealing soon.
CompleCompletely off topic of the thread, but that was exactly what happened to me with breast feeding my daughter! It was so painful (in more ways than one.)
Ground chicken or cut up cooked chicken? I've done a thanksgiving leftovers shepherds pie. I beg chicken and gravy would be great, too.
I've taken to making my shepherd's pie sans veggies.  Just meat w/gravy and potatoes, then I do a big veggie side.  Kale definitely makes an awesome side dish to shepherd's pie!
I remember my grandmothers telling me that their babies were on regular milk way before a year old. Seems to me that breast feeding was already in decline, and formula was an improvement over the other nourishment bring given to non-breast feeding infants.
OhhhhOhhhhhhh! The books! I would still be crying. And cursing healthy green foods!
I've been freezing, too. The nurse said my thyroid levels from July were not low, but that anemia could also cause this. I don't know if I believe her. I've been suspecting thyroid issues for a while and was surprised when my tests were fine. I realized recently that we only use kosher salt, so I bought some iodized and am trying to increase my iodine intake. Still cold, though.
I would consider whether your baby is usually pretty forthright about her needs. When my DD was an infant, she was the type to make it clear in NO uncertain terms. If she was sad, lonely, scared, uncomfortable at all, she would be screaming. So if it was her, and she acted the way you described, I would know she was fine. But if you DON'T have a super demanding baby, she might endure loneliness or fear with only the little noises you mentioned. If that was the case, I...
That sounds great to me right now.I actually managed to cook tonight. I am going to become a specialist in low-odor cooking. I made chicken a la king with rotisserie chicken, cornstarch based so I didn't have to smell the roux, egg noodles, and boiled zucchini. Don't ask. I have a squishy zucchini thing going on right now.Tomorrow I'll make a chicken soup out if the rest of the rotisserie chicken, and I have a ham and some cabbage laying in wait for later in the week. ...
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