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Is it possible that he got water in his eyes or something, or some sort of baby-trauma?  DD is petrified of getting water in her eyes, so I dab her face with a towel unnecessarily throughout the bath, just to make her feel secure.  We read "Tubby Time" by Leslie Patricelli, and it seems to help with the hair-washing issue.  Another thought - has it gotten colder in your house?  DD HATES the cold after-the-bath thing, or if it's cold in the bathroom while she's bathing. 
Sometimes if my 20 month old does the running away thing I just lay down and tell her I'm going to sleep until she wants to get dressed (or whatever).  She HATES it when I sleep, so it's almost guaranteed to work, and if it doesn't, at least I get a nap!  Lately I've been letting her choose her own clothes, and she's generally willing to put them on right away.  If I'm really not in the mood to be creative, I'll distract her with TV for a few minutes.  It's like an...
Argh, what IS it with people and CIO?  I'm sorry to say I don't have a ton of advice for you, but I just wanted to say - Vent away!!!  And you definitely sound like you need to vent, because after reading your post I feel like I was blessed with a great sleeper after all.  It sounds like you've tried everything that I would try.  Just curious - what's your son's daytime behavior like?  Does he strike you as being overtired, or is he generally even-keeled, relatively...
Similar to PP, just wanted to mention that my now 19 month old started with an eczema-like rash last fall, along with some major allergy rings under her eyes.  She wasn't on solids yet, and was on Alimentum, so it was most likely not a dairy/food issue.  She itched and scratched for several months and then just snapped out of it sometime in midwinter.  I almost forgot about it until, about a month ago, she started getting little bumps on her torso - almost exactly a year...
I'll chime in with Burlington, VT.  It's a really fun town, very walkable, lots of parks/wooded areas, music, shops, farmer's markets, co-ops... Montpelier's nice, too, but there's a lot more going on in Burlington.  Portsmouth, NH is also pretty cool, and I definitely agree with the Amherst/NoHo recommendation. 
Depends on the kid, of course, but my 19 month old girl would definitely have played with a play kitchen at 14 months, and LOVES playing with the one at our local playcafe now.  We're getting one for Christmas, too.
Trying to plan our Thanksgiving drive to Buffalo and I'd really like to make a substantive stop somewhere in the Springfield - Lee area (2 - 2.5 hours into our drive).  Does anyone know of a drop-in play area for little kids somewhere close to I-90 in this area?  Any other fun places to take a toddler around here?  Indoor would be preferable, but any suggestions would be great.  I really want her to get some good exercise and have fun for a while!
We just went through a week of BRAT diet and awful awful diaper rash/diarrhea while my DD (19 months) cracked her upper molars (1st set).  It was a pretty hard week, but we seem to be through the worst of it.  It really can be that bad!  Hopefully you'll get through it soon.  I feel like the BRAT (+ yogurt) diet helped, but it may have just run its course. 
We haven't been through this yet, but it almost sounds to me like he's still just not quite ready.  For instance, it seems like he may not really have "elimination awareness."  Can he actually tell you if he needs to go?  I know you said he'll stay on the potty until he's done, but it seems like you are always the one to put him there in the first place?  My only suggestion here is that he may be clinging to his soiled diaper because he's feeling insecure.  It sounds...
This happened to us, too!  They grow too fast to keep up with the doses.
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