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Doularebekah - AF isn't due until Monday so I still have time. I just am highhhhhly impatient lol. Good luck!    
12 DPO today and still getting BFN! My body is telling me I am pregnant but I am not thinking about it until I get that positive test. How about you? :)    
Thank you ArtificialRed!   Fertility Friend said today that my chart looks triphasic! I'm still getting BFN's but, I know that I usually get BFPs after 12 DPO so I'm holding on and hoping!
Thank you DoulaRebekah! I'm so impatient, haha. All negatives so far. Tomorrow I'll be 10 DPO. I FEEL like I am but we'll see. I'm not getting my hopes until I see it in the test! Dust to all!
Hello ladies! I'd love to be added in to the mix! Tomorrow on New Years Day I'll be 8 DPO. My chart can be found here: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/31a8e8  Trying to not worrying or think about it but I just NEEDED to find some others who are TTC too. Tons of dust and sticky to all!!
What a great idea! My son was struggling with wanting to be a few things. Maybe we'll do this as well!    
Thank you!!
Subbing! We just moved where we are and we don't know anyone.It's very lonely at times and I wish that I had a friend to hang out with and have tea or something :(
I'd like to thank everyone who has replied! I sat down and realized that I have to let it go. I have to realize that I cannot change them and mold them into how I think they should act and be. I also decided to be happy whenever they make any effort. Even if they are late I will still just be happy and thankful they showed up. And I've also decided to keep trying on my end. And this method just might be working! My MIL got together yesterday and were out together for...
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