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bumping up for more info...
So far, on my shopping list I have: vitamineral green cod liver oil Anything else I need to get started?
Thanks for your replies. I can definitely use the support! I'm in Conroe, near Houston, Texas. Local places as well as your favorite online stores are welcome. (I do most of my shopping online b/c we have one car and I usually don't have it.)
Quote: Originally Posted by BusyMommy We give Nordic Naturals CLO but only in the winter. Once we get sunlight again, we switch over to Fish Oil. May I ask why? I'm new on the scene and wonder which I should get.
Hi all, I really feel a need to make a change for the better now. My dd is 11 months old and I think I generally eat healthy but lately it's been getting really bad. During my pregnancy, I craved sweets a bit, mostly fruit though but now I feel like an addict and I want and need to do something different. I really, really need some guidance here because there are too many choices and I get so mixed up. Here's some things about me and some of my initial goals: 1. I...
Tell me about it! that is great! We only manage to get her very first tt of the day, after that, a poop here and there if she grunts loud enough for me to hear her. But that's a start, right?
What IS the sign for potty?
oh boy. can you right click on it and delete it? i guess not since you're asking...
My 6 mo old dd likes to have her legs free also and loves to face out. I have a mei tai but it's an awkward fit when she faces out. I bought 5 yards of material yesterday for a wrap and did the front cross carry with her facing out. She loves it!!! Swings her little legs the whole time. I just had to make sure I spread the fabric out enough to give her a seat to sit in instead of being supported by her crotch. Here's the link for how I tied the...
It's really heating up on the slate discussion forum too. I couldn't resist adding my 10 cents though.
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