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Thanks Nancy. I actually found a Brother dealer that sells refurbished ones on Ebay. I should probably check to see how others feel about the Brother brand of sewing machines.
Thanks Jenn!!! I think that's all I "needed" to hear!!! I just bought some really pretty toile fabric on ebay last night that I want to sew onto her prefolds and also use in the quilt!!! It will take some powerful restraint not to run by Walmart on the way home from work today!!!
Wow! So I can't get a decent sewing machine for less than $200? I was hoping not to spend more than $100. I may just have to wait till next year...
Hi All! This is my first time here.... I'm 5.5 months pregnant with my first baby and I am itching to learn how to sew. I did a search & got some good recs on beginners sewing books. My question is about which sewing machine to buy. I don't want to spend alot and I am totally lost when looking at all the choices! I'd like to try my skills at a quilt for the baby as well as butt sweaters and printed fabric added to my prefolds. (I'd like to graduate into making the...
Way to go for being there for this new mom!!! We need more of that, like it used to be! And what a cute baby! I wonder if mine will have a lot of hair. I like that dipe. You wouldn't happen to have any for sale now would you.......? (lol -- running so I don't spend any more $$$$)
I wouldn't be offended either. I could return them or donate them to a women's shelter if I didn't want to keep them. I guess it would only hit a nerve if they came from my mom or my mothers in law and I thought they were "trying to make a point." lol!!!! I don't see that happening though. And most of my friends aren't into the baby thing and probably have no clue what to buy!
You've already gotten some great advice! I've never heard of a "diaper shower" before but if you're supposed to bring dipes then I don't see anything wrong with giving her a couple of CDs and/or covers. If the two of you are close, and you think she'd be open to it, give her some of the CDs your dc has already outgrown. (I say that bc some people are weird about using someone else's used dipes.) Maybe you can put together a starter pack/gift basket for her with washing...
Add me to the Cheetos fan club!!!!!!! I can't believe I'm not the only one. sniff sniff Any way, another frist time mom here. It's so amazing feeling my little one's head move across my entire body!!! weird stuff. I'm measuring 19 cm. We had an u/s Monday and it's a girl just like I already knew. We've been keeping track of a cyst and a fibroid and so far they aren't in Zoe's way -- great news!
Does anyone here use Poquito pants? I'm curious how you like them... See them here: http://www.wonderbabydesigns.com/pants.htm
Thanks Rumi! Just wanted to say I love this forum!! I can't wait to get to know my baby like so many of you know yours!!!
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