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I was worried about cervical checks with my VBAC too.  I have a gynecological condition that makes pelvic exams very painful.  I also had a traumatic first delivery. So I really wanted to avoid them as much as possible.  I ended up having a HBAC with a physician who felt that cervical exams were mostly unnecessary if labor appeared to be progressing well otherwise and the mom and baby were doing well.  So I actually did not have a single cervical exam during my...
I live in Asheville and we are lucky to have more VBAC options here than many people do.  I know the MAHEC midwives do them at Mission and they have a high success rate and New Dawn does as well.  You could also check out Family to Family and I think there are some ob/gyns who do them as well but I don't know anyone specific   I had a HBAC in April and it was a great experience.   GL!
I am just planning to have my doctor and doula come--I guess they will come once I'm in active labor?  And my husband will be there.  I don't think I would feel any better if I had a hospital birth or found a different provider, so I think the issue is really that I'm still scarred by what happened last time.   I'm just wondering if anyone's c/s experience made it hard for them to trust another care provider or feel at ease with where they decide to give birth.
I think it's very difficult to diagnose pelvic issues/CPD when the baby is malpositioned.  Your baby was asynclitic and that in itself is known to cause issues with labor progress and descent.  All the studies I've looked at say that something like 65% of moms who try for a VBAC after having a primary c/s for CPD are able to deliver vaginally.  When you consider that the overall vaginal delivery rate in the US is only 68%, those odds sound pretty good to me!   I had...
I am 20 weeks and planning an HBAC with a local doctor who does home births.  I am feeling really anxious about it lately--not the VBAC itself, but whether I am making the right choices about my provider and birth location.  I keep worrying that I should like my doctor more or feel more of a connection with him.  And I'm worried that it will be weird to have people in my home the whole time I'm laboring and that I won't be able to relax because I'll feel like a hostess...
Thanks everyone! It's great to hear that other mamas in this situation have had VBACs. We recently found out that we are pregnant again--hoping this is a sticky one!
Thanks everyone! It's great to hear about other "CPD" mamas who had VBACs. I ended up having a m/c, unfortunately, but I have met with some practitioners and am feeling more optimistic about VBAC. Hopefully we will be pregnant again soon!
I'm really happy about this. I don't think we'll see drastic change overnight but it gives VBAC hopeful mamas another tool in their arsenal to fight for the right to have a vaginal birth.
Hi ladies I had a cesarean in September 2008. I was induced for postdates at 41 weeks (mistake #1!). My ob/gyn missed the obvious signs that my baby was OP--I had a long, slow labor with excruciating back pain. I ended up getting an epidural at 4cm (mistake #2!). I dilated all the way and pushed for maybe 2 hours and ended up with a c/s because my daughter was stuck and started passing meconium. She was 7 lbs 10 oz and had 8 and 9 Apgars. My section itself was a...
Hi everyone I recently found out number two is on the way and I am really hoping to have a VBAC. Can anyone recommend a good VBAC midwife or doctor? I am open to considering home birth or hospital. Thanks
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