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if you have facebook, search for the Human Milk 4 Human Babies  (HM4HB) NJ and NY groups. there are LOTS of mamas willing to help!
Hey mamas! I am currently working on a list of resources for pregnant mamas and would prefer to have word of mouth recommendations vs just something I pull off the internet. If any of you have a recommendation for ANY of the following categories I would really appreciate the input. You can reply here so others can find it, but if you would like to message me privately feel free to do so. You are also welcome to email me Abby.SerioATgmailDOTcom   Abused women shelters...
hey hester! I live in Bloomfield, NJ and have a son who is 2.5 and a daughter who is 3 months. I'd love to meet up sometime. PM me with your email or cell and we'll set up a time to meet!
OBs are generally more "medical procedure" minded where as midwife are more "evidence based care" aka let mama labor the way she needs to. My midwife catches at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, NJ (about 45min from you). I just recently delivered my DD on 5-10-11. She really is AMAZING and has a GREAT back up OB (Charles Hadaad) who is literally acrossed the hall from her office. You still have the option of all the routine testing if you want it, but she doesnt make...
if you are willing to drive a bit, Lonnie Morris CNM, ND is out of Clifton, NJ. She was recently my midwife (DD born 5-10-11) and I cant say enough wonderful things about her. She catches at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, NJ. The hospital, last I heard, was reinstalling (or in the process of) their birth tubs.   Birth Blessings, Doula Abby www.BelovedBirths.com
Im a doula out of NJ, but I do attend births in NYC and Long Island. I would LOVE to meet with you or talk on the phone for a free consultation if you are still looking for a doula. Feel free to look at my website and shoot me an email or give me a call.   Birth Blessings! Doula Abby www.BelovedBirths.com
I replied to your PM, but wanted to post here in case other mamas are looking for a GREAT midwife that is FULLY supportive of VBAC . She has an 85% success rate with her VBAC mamas too! Lonnie Morris out of Clifton, NJ at The Childbirth Center (www.childbirthcenter.net). It is NOT a free standing birth center, but she delivers at a GREAT mother/baby, pro breastfeeding hospital in Montclair, NJ called Mountainside. Last I hear Mountainside was also working on getting...
Hi there mamas!   i am currently living in NJ but am very possibly moving to Houston area (tomball) in the next month. I am due May 18 with my second child and will need to find a midwife that takes late pregnancy transfers and has a very NATURAL approach to birth. I would prefer a midwife that supports waterbirth as well. Any advice would be helpful. THANKS!
Chelsea,   I live in Bloomfield,nj and there is a train station about 10 min from my house (lyndhurst station, on the yellow main line i believe)  with free commuter parking. It took me about an hour to get to SOHO between two NJ Transit Trains and 2 subways. We have a 2br for 1250/mo. we have a yard and drive way, right up the road from a park (walking distance). If you want space, the city is probably not the best idea. I have friends that pay hundreds more than we...
just wanted to bump it up to make sure any of you moms in need of a Doula saw the posting.
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