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My nipples get sore the week prior to my period when I nurse my 20 month old. Once my period comes it goes back to being comfortable. It could definitely be hormonal.
I simply don't believe this.
DD is three months old and I have been back at work for a month.  I haven't supplemented yet, but I will have to soon.  I work 12 hour shifts and it seems like 14 hours may be too long to be away from her.  I work three days a week.   My pumping output has been steadily decreasing, even with pumping quite frequently.  Some days I am able to pump every two hours.  A few very busy days I only pumped four times.  I get about three ounces per session now from both...
Done!  I joined and liked on facebook.  I have little girls.  
I'm impressed!  And thanks for the lead on a compact infant bucket.
I am going to ask if anything we might do now could spare the baby after birth.  Thanks, that is something to think about.
I am 30 weeks pregnant and just had a followup ultrasound to check the placement of my placenta as it was considered low lying at 20 weeks.  At 20 weeks they also saw an echogenic focus (calcium deposit) in the  heart which can be a soft marker for Downs Syndrome.  My understanding was that given my age, 28, and the lack of other risk factors, markers, or abnormalities, that the chance of Downs was something under or around 1%.   So, at this last ultrasound, they did...
Within the last few days I have started to feel exactly this way.  Before I was comfortable just focusing on my toddler.  I don't remember a discrete beginning to that longing during my first pregnancy.  I also met a friend's one month old little girl over the weekend and that could have something to do with it.  Also this is the time for me when the pregnancy is suddenly noticeable to everyone, even people who don't know me.  So, at work for instance, I am talking about...
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