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I forgot all about this post. I did finally figure out what was causing the edema and is been resolved. I've lost all the extra water weight. My was a result of low progesterone. I was very estrogen dominant. I went on progesterone supplements and my health really turned around. It also helped my fertility as I'm expecting #4 now. I'm 32 weeks of in Texas summer heat with no swelling whatsoever.
My whole family drinks kefir every day. I'd start very slowly, a teaspoon a day and slowly work your way up. Kombucha isn't good to start while pg because it mobilizes metals. I believe kefir is different. There is a great Facebook group called I love kefir. It would be a great place to ask questions, lots of knowledge. We will actually be putting water kefir on my chest after baby is born in order to help build up good bacteria from the get go. Kefir rocks.
I'm juicing veggie juice 3-4 times a week and it really helPs me feel better. I always have more energy on the days I make time to juice. My kids are constantly asking to juice veggies so that helps keep me motivated (the little nags lol).
We are planning a home birth after having 3 medicated hospital births. I am so excited!  We have already hired our midwife and will interview doulas next week. 
Sliced cucumber and hummus has been my go to snack.
Please add me, oct 17. Thanks!
My ds is recovering from a vax injury and we looked long and hard for a good pedi that would be open to no longer vaccinating him and taking vaccines for our other children on a case by case basis.  We finally found one in Cedar Park.  I'll message you the details now!
We got this one for my dd.  It has a medic alert symbol on it and places for food allergies.  While it is waterproof and virtually indestructable, it is not engravable.  Link:  allerbling              
I blog about the effects of my ds's severe vaccine reaction and all the changes it brought to our family:  http://thestradtnerfamily.com/findingournewnormal/
Hi, thanks for replying.  Yes, I've read through all that.  I've been to 2 MD's.  One blew it off and the other gave me the Rx mentioned above that made me really sick.  I am hoping for a more holistic natural approach and I was hoping to find someone who had experienced this or heard of it before.  I made another appt with a holistic approach MD for next week but I don't have a lot of hope she can figure it out either....I seem to be stumping everyone and it is so...
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