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I was nervous about it going in, but I'm pretty much an open book, so I wasn't too worried.  We were not asked about our sex life.  That would have caught me off guard.  We were asked about how we resolve conflict, what traits we like/didn't like in each other, etc.  They asked our daughter questions too and I was a little nervous about that because she was 4 at the time and you never know what a four-year-old might say.  I actually never found out what she said exactly.  
Congratulations! That is a wonderful feeling.
I haven't been here in quite a while, but I just wanted to tell Patti that I am so sorry that happened to you.  I'm an adoptive mom in an open adoption and I'm appalled that anyone would treat a birthmother that way.  
My DD is biological (and caucasian like my husband and myself) and my DS is adopted and biracial.  We get a lot of people assuming that my DD is adopted too.  I really don't mind talking about adoption with people, but at some point it does get old.  I knew that going into a transracial adoption, we were going to automatically have to talk about it more, but I had no idea that people could be so rude.  I have to remind myself that the mass majority of people are just...
Congratulations! Your family looks so wonderful!
I also like to talk about adoption.  Of course, my son is still a baby, so as he gets older, we may not want to discuss it as much.   We did have to take him to the hospital a couple weeks ago and we had already explained that he was adopted to two paramedics, a firefighter, three nurses, and a doctor.  The final person before we could leave the hospital was a paperwork lady.  She asked us a bunch of questions about where we work and addresses and such.  Then she...
I'm sorry.  That sounds awful. 
There is a woman on the transracial board of adoption.com who has adopted Romani children and she talks about it a lot.  You may want to check in over there.
You've already got a lot of good advice.   I will add that our adoption agency made us get a doctor's letter stating that he was aware of our decision to not vaccinate and supported us in our right to choose that.  Luckily, I have a good relationship with a medical doctor, and he wrote it for me. 
We haven't had visits yet in our OA because of distance, but we talk on the phone and skype frequently.  Ironically, J doesn't really look like his birthparents right now.  He definitely doesn't look like us either.  They will comment on the fact that he doesn't look like them though.  He does have some resemblance to his bio-sister, but not really to his bio-half brother.   When we skype, they of course want to mostly see J, but I have a five-year-old who wants (and...
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