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I've totally taken apart a test before. I think I've taken apart almost all of them.  I'm not sure what you mean by underside....
We had a lovely Ostara! My daughter is 2 years old so it was fun getting her involved. I planted herbs on March 1st so they would be growing in time. We had a fancy dinner, I said a simple couple sentences thing about new life, we light candles and said what our new beginnings for this spring (my dd's was potty training ;)). I got my daughter an Ostara basket and hide 6 chalk eggs for her to find. She thought that was super fun and carried them around for a week...
I didn't know that it didn't need any chemicals to help grow it. Love hemp!
He's managing a video game studio working on mobile games!
 I think this is different than OP because your DD had DH with her. In the OP's friend's situation, its grandparents who the child doesn't know well, without any parents. 
P.S. some of us crunchy mamas think coffee is a gift from the gods but we're crunchy enough for MAC, so maybe not so specific on that one. But definitely try meetup.com for a Attachment Parenting group.
Mommy and me groups, especially AP ones help you figure out the wide range of normal. I was worried about DD not walking then another little boy her age wasn't walking either. His mama said that she heard that babies with long torsos can be later to walking due to the stomach muscles developing, not remembering the details, but hearing that she's not the only kid not walking made me feel better. They're just now starting to play together vs next to each other at 18-20...
Ah, yes you do. That makes total sense. 
I've always adamantly only wanted one but lately I've been dreaming about another. I think it's a combo if DD definitely being a toddler and speaking in full sentences, so not a baby anymore so I'm missing her babyhood and hormones since I'm ovulating regularly again. I also think a big part of it is me being a SAHM, like I got nothing better to do than have more babies. I think after our move to Mexico and I get settled, start going back to school, and hopefully start...
New Posts  All Forums: