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How difficult pushing can be. I hear so much in the natural birth world that pushing is a relief. I never felt the urge to push. Also, pee during labor, because you're extremely full bladder can get in the way of pushing. I also didn't have the urge to pee. 
I'll take a look at it! I'm definitely interested 
Here's the Seattle Babywearing Facebook group. They have monthly meetings and people are super knowledgeable and helpful! https://www.facebook.com/groups/seattlebwingmamas/   I'm a member of the Seattle Attachment Parenting meetup group which is awesome. We have a couple of pregnant mamas due soon too. Everything is low key and if you can't make last minute, no big deal at all. Some meetup groups get picky about attendance....
Its a doula group where we'll provide backup doula care but we're mainly interested in providing childcare for each other if needed. 
  YES! Officially they laid him off, but actually it was a giant mess of a boss being a control freak. Long story but in the tech business, 2 months is not enough time at a job before problems start. He was set up for failure even though he got everything he was tasked with done. So we're looking for a job. He has quite a few leads at least. And I'm meeting a couple other doulas to talk about starting a childcare doula circle! 
The weeds drive me crazy too! I'm not always sure what's weeds and what's not.    Anybody else SO SO glad the Mercury isn't in retrograde anymore?! Man that was a rough one for us. DH lost his job at the end of June! Onto looking for another one. Ugh! At least I'm working on getting my doula business set up. 
  Make her something with coconut oil! Crunchy gals love coconut oil. Get some essential oils like lavender and make her a belly balm or something. Wrap it up nice with a thoughtful card.
  YES! Shutup and take my money! That would be awesome! I'm very very much a visual learner and always dying for more pictures! Kitchen Witchery is my path so perfect! Seriously where do I sign up?
I know this thread is a couple months old but I just finished season 3. I was NOT impressed with Matthew dying, but should have seen it coming with how cheesy he got in the last episode, heck the whole season. I didn't like him much in season 3.    I think Obrian should leave. She's done so much and has been involved in so many plots on the show that I don't what else they could do with the character.    I love how honest Mary is about her being bitchy. Hehe. 
When DD (16 months) is crying or screaming in public, DH will say "Make her stop!" I usually respond with "I don't have a magic button that makes her stop!" And he'll say "yeah you do, its your boob!"  He doesn't have a lot of kid familiar friends so he gets super nervous about loud and/or obnoxious kid in public.    I also find that older people are not used to being around toddlers. DH's grandma was so annoyed that DD at 12 months ate with her hands. She HATED...
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