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Does anyone know what continual water issues mean? We had our sink here in the rental get a major blockage and had to have a plumber and last year 2 weeks after DD was born a pipe burst in the wall of the dining room and we were out of a kitchen for 6 weeks! Seriously what is the Universe trying to tell us?!
Half an acre is HUGE! I live in Seattle, in city, so that's a giant yard. We had a 1/4 of an acre in the suburbs and felt like that was big! Go with the turnkey finished house. 
Maybe look into Sensory Processing Disorder and professional help. Not to sound alarming but SPD came to mind right away when I read your post. In contrary, my 16 month old, since 12 months, has understand not to touch something if we say "owie", and she won't touch it. 
  She does like spicy foods and even liked japaleno chips! She is so much like her dad! He loves spicy food too. I'll give it to her with the Sriracha, she'll probably like it. She liked the Mahi Mahi I cooked tonight! Its so nice to be back in a real kitchen cooking my own food! I never thought I would say that since I don't enjoy cooking, but I've gotten so much better and really like what I make. That and DH's grandmother made really bland food and a lot of it was...
Ditto this. 
My husband just started smoking pot to help with his insomnia. Melatonin supplement gives him a horrible hangover since it has to take about 10-15 mg to have any effect.  A little bit of pot and he's out, wakes up refreshed and easy for him to get out of bed and out the door. He grew up with hippie parents where smoking pot was so common that he never really cared for it. He smokes a small amount before bed in the bathroom, with the fan on - after DD is in bed.    I...
Its also legal for personal and medicinal use in Washington State. So that's two states. Its in legislature in several other states too. 
  It took me such a LONG time to be comfortable cooking meat. I didn't cook steak until right before I had my DD. I'm not the best at it so I usually just use my Foreman grill. Ground beef is pretty easy. My favourite super easy lazy but my family goes crazy for is ground meat (beef, turkey, we're going to try bison later this week) browned, then add salt & pepper, soy sauce and Sriracha sauce to your liking. Serve over rice or quinoa. That's it, and they go crazy for it!...
DD gets teething fevers and they hot! 103*! Not sick in any way. I gave her tynenol and it comes down. She always cuts more than one tooth at the same time. I also take her temp rectally which is one degree more than orally. Business as usual.
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