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In theory I would be okay with walking home with them crying for 10 minutes, especially with older children waiting at home. Its similar to putting a toddler in their carseat - they have to sit in the carseat and you have to go somewhere. Granted, when my baby hated being in the carseat for longer than 10 minutes, we never went longer than 10 minutes away from home, and now my husband squeezes in the back seat to sit next to her.  In practice - I probably wouldn't be...
I know its not the same but when I was a nanny to a 3 year old and she would do the persistent asking, I must have had a pretty stern "I said no" face! It would get to the point where I was done hearing the same question over and over so I would look at her with my stern face and calmly but firmly say "I said no".  Once again, I know nannies are not the same as mommies. 
I've heard such amazing things about Rosetta Stone that I want to try it BUT they only have Irish Gaelic not Scots. I might do some reading to figure out how they differ... Thanks for the info. Seattle does have a Scots Gaelic group and learning program. I much prefer a program I can do at home.
Chiming in again. I've been MIA since we moved back to Seattle. We've been staying in a extended stay hotel since April 11 and will be here till June 7 but we finally found a house and we signed the papers just this previous Sunday! I'm so ready to get out of here! We have two dogs, a cat, and a toddler in a two bedroom hotel. The house is small but has amazing built in storage! Two stories and a great back yard! The couple renting it to us have a 2 year old so there's...
I wear leggings under long shirts as pants. I love leggings. I've loved them since jr high in the late 90s. So comfy. I really really want to try bamboo blend leggings!
  Very awkward!  On the other hand, I ordered my own Mother's Day present this year. DH just started a new job at 50-60 hours a week, we're living in temp housing in a hotel so I didn't expect anything because he has no time. Its a Hallmark holiday anyways. But he felt bad so I said, well I really want a Tula Toddler baby carrier in sculls and he said order it! So its on its way! Yay!
I really want to learn Gaelic, very preferably Scottish Gaelic. I spent about 3 weeks in Scotland about 10 years ago and fell in love with it. Gaelic is experiencing a resurgence there so it was so cool to see it on street signs and their version of PBS.  But I not good with languages. Rosetta Stone only has Irish Gaelic and I don't know how much they differ.    Anyone pick an uncommon language as an adult and been successful? What method did you use?
I flat out tell DH that this is what I want as a present and then he goes and buys it. I'm happy, he's happy, everyone is happy! My mom is like this so I'm used to it. I love how she acts so surprised and happy when I give her what she told me to get her.    Well, post baby my wishlist is getting shorter - mainly I just want to be left alone. hehe
Mustaches! Seriously enough already. No one likes a dirty sanchez!
  Yeah that. Nak often too. 
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