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I'm having contractions since last night and when I got up to pee at 3am I had a little bit of bloody show! More mucous plug this morning and contractions since 3am!! I so hope this isn't a mean trick and I go another week like this! I'm fairly certain they're contractions, I feel them in my hips mainly but not all over the belly. They remind me of the contractions from my miscarriage using cytotec... 40 weeks 5 days. Cross your fingers for me.
I did the breast pump for about an hour, 5 on, 15 off and it worked to get contractions going! I also have been losing my mucous plug!   Oh and I found this website: http://haveyouhadthatbabyyet.com/ hehee
I had the same experience with the one day monistat! It woke me up burning! The 3 day made me terribly itchy too. The 7 day was fine though but if I ever have another yeast infection, I'm using garlic!
Nipple stimulation - I tried out my breast pump yesterday but only for a few minutes. Tomorrow I'm going to do it for longer. I found this ehow article on how to use a breast pump to induce labor and rationally it makes sense (5 minutes on, 15 off). http://www.ehow.com/how_5669688_pump-induce-labor.html
I have a sheet on what to do if the midwife doesn't make it, that I could scan in and upload for you. Would that help?
I've lost my cool and collected patience; I want this baby OUT now! It would help if I had more pre labour signs but not too much is going on, just sore hips and pressure on my cervix in the evening. Just lots of braxton hicks, not even real contractions. My tight abs are keeping her from engaging, which I have to admit isn't the worst problem to have but it makes me feel like she'll never come out. My midwife showed me some exercises to do to help with that. I want to...
I'm a homebody and an introvert so I can see how an extrovert would find my life lately boring, but I like myself and think I'm quite fun to hang out with. ;) I've never been described as boring, although I tend to just say it like it is and I'm not too good at pleasantries, so the things that come out of my mouth can be surprising. Also I swear like a sailor, because my DH was a sailor (even though he doesn't swear nearly as much as he used to) and I've found it...
HA! So I could do didkaydovehaveherbaby.com and have the answer be NO until its Yes! I love it!  
That's a good idea! I could totally use Facebook once a day for that...
I'm technically 'overdue' at 40 weeks 2 days. Hoping baby comes soon!
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