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Oh the ever elusive toddler who falls asleep on their own when they get sleepy! My DD will has never done that, unless she's in the car and that is exactly when I don't want her to sleep. DH has some pretty bad insomnia so I'm hoping she doesn't inherit that. She needs to be nursed down for a nap. DH can get her to sleep while wearing her. She's already had days where she doesn't nap AT ALL.
I don't think the minis are all that popular. I see the one size snapless come up on diaperswappers regularly though. Have you tried the FB Sloomb BST group? There's one official and one unofficial (that I know of).
I think it's only a problem if you have hard water. The combo of not using enough water and hard water makes it tough to get them clean.
I would love one too!
What's your 1 year old's nap schedule like? My DD is 14 months and takes one 3 hour nap a day at 1pm and sleeps about 8pm to 8am or 12 hours. Of course she'll wake up a couple times to fuss a tiny bit or little bit of milkies 8pm-12 and sometimes early in the morning at 6am, but not as often anymore. She sleeps with us which is best for now since we're living in temp housing for a month until we find a rental. She's always slept with us so I don't want to change that...
Congrats! I bet that's a relief!
I would love too but I'm getting my haircut at 3pm. I'm going to the support group in the morning though!
There's a Attachment Parenting Meetup group that I just joined. It looks really active and lots for babies & toddlers. My DD was also born in Feb 2012!
Revolting - Hugs to your DD! What a tough situation. How awful that an older kid picks on a Kindergartener! In my grade school, we had a buddy program where an older kid would buddy up with a grade schooler to show them the ropes and make them feel special. It really set the tone in the whole school that it was cool to be nice and help the little kids. The grades didn't really interact beyond that, they separated recess out by older grades and younger grades. Maia -...
I use Aveeno baby conditioning shampoo. My DD has fine hair but a ton of it and has awesome curls in the back. She wakes up with one side sticking straight out and lately dread locks in the back. I also use adult Aveeno leave in conditioner as a detangler.
New Posts  All Forums: