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Mine is SO different! I have some Ramones, Journey, The Cure, Damien Rice, Bright Eyes, Led Zepplin, Crowded House, Smashing Pumpkins - basically my favourite songs orangized into a loud and a quiet playlist. I've heard that music you can really groove to is best, but I'm a white girl with no rhythm, I don't groove, so I figured rocking out would work better for me. My one rule is that the songs lyrics can't be negative. So Joy Division and Nine Inch Nails are pretty much...
I feel like each day she gets lower and lower. I wished I tracked my belly button location because it's moved up and down my stomach throughout the pregnancy. I ate a ton for brunch this morning, more than I've eaten in a long time! I feel like my stomach has some room so I'm starving! And I'm waddling more each day .
Ugh, that would get so annoying to me.
My due date is the 13th too, and after a move to the other side of the west coast and prepping for a homebirth, so not ready for her to come at 37 weeks! I would be happy if she came at 42 weeks! I have too many boxes to unpack... Well I'm saying that now - I may be eating those words come the 13th. I'm 36 weeks on Monday, eek!
Oh Gunter! You are so sweet! I'm a little confused on what the midwives are providing and what I need to buy, so I'll clarify that at my appointment on Tuesday. I emailed one of the last night, asking if we can make payments even though its to the point where they would normally require the full fees. If they won't except 2 payments, we'll have to transfer back to the birth center, so I'm trying to mentally/emotionally prepare for that. Things are looking up, we'll be...
ugh The app on my phone cut me off. Maybe I should take that as a sign and stop ranting . Sorry for venting. Definitely feeling stressed and DH is out of town on business tonight. I'm sure it will all come together somehow, it always does. Sent from my SGH-i917 using Board Express
I'm super stressed and not ready at all. We just got our stuff from the move on Sunday. We switched from a birth center to homebirth, and our home visit is on the 25th. We have to pay out of pocket in full and get reimbursed. Our move allowance will probably not be enough to cover everything. California is so different with insurance than Washington and our old company's insurance which paid for everything with no deductible and no copay, so dealing with insurance is so...
Adorkable- what's the pop up travel bed you got?
There's a new arms reach mini convertible co sleeper as well as the original that both convert to a pack n play. Sent from my SGH-i917 using Board Express
So the arms reach co sleeper mattress is getting negative feedback. And people are saying that its hard to set up. Bummer! Back to square one, but I need to get something soon... Sent from my SGH-i917 using Board Express
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