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I crave pickles but I hate pickles! I bought a jar of pickles and put it in my fridge, but haven't touched them since. I don't want to eat pickles, I just want the option to. Other than that, ice cream always sounds good. (I'm a cliche) I did crave Szechuan beef and my hubby went out of his way to get it for me from our favourite Chinese restraurant. That was delicious. Oh yeah, grilled cheese sandwhiches, I can't get enough of those.
I really really need to take a belly photo! I think the last one was at 12 or 14 weeks. DH has been traveling for work and interviewing at other companies and our dog died and cat went missing all within the last month or so. Its been so much that we just haven't gotten around to it. Tonight! I will make us take a photo tonight. Then upload it to an ablum! And yes, we'll gain the 40 lbs together. Only suggestion is don't do the math to figure out your ending weight and...
I'm just started seeing a chiro today because I have a rib out of alignment (seriously insanely painful). Ask about what their training entailed. My chiro had an extra year on prenatal and pediatric training but chiros can get trained in the webster method as little as one day. If they haven't had as much training, ask about how long they've been treating pregnant women. My old chiro was too aggressive so my DH and I stopped seeing her. My new chiro will only try twice...
Weighing in at 20 lbs over starting weight at 22 weeks. Midwife isn't tracking my weight but curiosity got the best of me. I'm thinking a pound a week from here on out, so I expect to gain around 40 lbs. Oh geezus, I just did the math and man alive! Maybe I should lay off the grilled cheese sandwhiches and milkshakes for lunch.
I am not a nylons fan at all but I love a good pair of thick knit or patterned tights with boots during the fall. If you find any maternity ones, let me know. I'm currently living in my maternity leggings from Old Navy! I love them so much that I have 3 pairs! The only way they're different from regular leggings is that they're low rise with a thicker band to keep them up. So comfy.
My midwife isn't tracking my weight! Hallelujah! She said that I can track it on my own with her scale if I want, so I'll probably weigh myself next appointment just for curiosity sake. I was up 7 lbs at 12 weeks, I do know that.
I just got my first cloth diapers in the mail!! I got a great deal on the Tiny Tush One Size Elite pocket diapers on zulily.com! I'm SO excited! They're so stinking cute! They came with 2 sized micro terry stuffers. I'm going to do pre-folds for the newborn stage since I've heard that most babies don't fit into the one size diapers quite yet.   DH loves all the cloth diaper company names: Tiny Tush, Bum Genius, Fuzzibunz - he thinks they have such freaking cute...
I miss my cute little tops that fit my small boobs so well. I used to be a 34 B and I just got measured yesterday, I'm now a 36 D! Only half way too.
This is me exactly too! I'm carrying my girl pretty high, so I've been getting reflux a lot lately. I also thought all this wouldn't start until later. And I feel out of breath easy and pretty uncomfortable. My friend said that eases up soon and doesn't come back until the end.  
I think my mum will throw me a family/family friends shower, probably all girl. I'm not really into baby showers but I'll give her full reign to do whatever she wants (just no stupid games), if I don't care, then why not let her do whatever she wants. I would love a co-ed shower with my and DH's friends. Something low key and non traditional. I think it would be cool to have it more geared to him, so baby stuff the father would like, like a black skull and cross bones...
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