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I can't believe you didn't get more replies to this! On behalf of the people in North Fulton County, I apologize!   Alpharetta is awesome, and Roswell is too! Really, you can't go wrong with any of the areas in North Fulton County. I say this as someone who has lived here since September 2011 (I live in Roswell, but right on the border of Alpharetta and John's Creek). It's extremely family-friendly and safe, and the schools are some of the best in the...
Yep. I'm experiencing these right now. Lots of tightening and discomfort at the top of my uterus, and it feels like it's squeezing my stomach and lungs and most of my lower chest. Not comfortable!
Congratulations to everyone! We found out a few weeks ago that we're having a boy!
Glad your appointment went well! I hope between that and all the good feedback you're getting here, you are feeling more confident and relaxed. You are definitely not the only overweight/obese mama on here! I am as well, and I have lost between 16-19 pounds (fluctuates, depending on the day) since getting pregnant. My OB is totally fine with this because the baby is measuring perfectly. I'm just eating better (mostly ), and it probably helps that I had to give up my...
I'm almost 7 weeks and have lost about 7 pounds in the past three weeks just from eating more healthy and starting to walk. I'm significantly overweight, so there has been a big change in my caloric intake just from eating more nutritious food. I'm working with a dietician to make sure my diet is appropriate.
Thanks, Leigh! Are you on any meds? I'm on Methyldopa, which is what I was on with my son. I actually did really well on it with him. My pressures were great until 36 weeks, and then nothing could keep them down! Strangely/amazingly, my blood pressure is LOW on the Methyldopa right now. Good luck to you!!
*EDD: My birthday, January 28th, but probably will be closer to Jan. 15th, due to a pre-existing health condition. Don't think my doc will let me go past 38 weeks, and I agree. * Your Name: Karen * Age: 35 * State or Country: Georgia (but native Pennsylvanian) * How long it took to you to get your BFP: This was a surprise! * What number child is this for you: #2 * Family: Husband, Nik, and 2.5-year-old son, Sam * Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): I'm...
Great ideas, ladies!!! I am going to try some out! I made a potato-corn chowder soup tonight for a casual dinner party, and it was a big hit! Also made homemade multi-grain bread. It was perfect for a cold day.
Hi there! My son is 11 months and is determined to make the most of his two bottom teeth to chew as much of his food as possible. He wants nothing to do with "baby food" (pureed food that I feed him with a spoon). If he can't pick it up with his fingers or try to feed it to himself with a spoon, he doesn't want it. Do you have any recipes for nutritious foods that are substantial enough to pick up but not so firm that they would be hard for him to eat? He loves mac...
Thanks for your feedback, ladies! I appreciate it! We'll just play it by ear. I'm sure he'll be fine. This is just another new experience for us!
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