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One thing I did before DS2 was born was buy a baby doll (we didn't have any), and pretend things about the baby w/ him... changed his diaper, nursed him (while talking about how he could nurse at the same time, or sometimes he could wait until the baby was done since I was tandeming them), wear the doll in a carrier, talk about how he would cry, etc. It was sweet b/c after DS2 was born and I was wearing him, DS1 wanted to wear the doll. I also read books about being a big...
Katrina, I see it now! I would guess girl... but in my defense I've only seen very clear "boy" u/s shots.   Redrock, so sweet! I love baby feet!
Congrats, everyone!!! Don't worry, Landl, boys are pretty easy!
For some reason I can't see the whole 2nd pic, but the first picture is so sweet. It looks like (s)he is blowing bubbles!
I'm here! Mainly just lurking :)
So sweet, Mares!!
Congrats, Mama, and hang in there! Hopefully the timing will work out perfect for your adoption!
Congratulations! Welcome to the boy's club :)   I wouldn't worry too much about the weeks being off. I measured ahead w/ my first and went "late". The farther along you are the less accurate u/s becomes as a dating tool. Just know you won't be pregnant forever!
We have our crib side carred (and will attach it somehow to the bed, so that it can't move before the baby comes). I'm not really sure how things will work out w/ the newbie b/c currently both boys sleep w/ us, and it's crowded..lol. So, we will either have both boys sleep in their own room, or the 2 y/o (who isn't nightweaned yet) will sleep on one side (we have a toddler rail or b/t DH and I), and the baby will sleep on the crib side...  I still need to raise the crib...
Hooray for 2 boys!! I love watching mine interact... they are really starting to come into their own relationship as DS2 gets older. I can only imagine it would be magnified w/ 2 that have always known each other! So sweet!
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