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sorry no, we are afraid you'll kill the conversation. Sorry needed to be said. Come in. Join us. it would be nice, I like a good debate. But it is hard to be proven wrong. If someone proves me wong I go sulk. :)  
This is pretty normal. Start the day off by filling up the "love" tank by cuddling, playing, reading books for the first 15-60 minutes, depending on what your day is like. This should buy you some time where she doesn't need your constant attention.   throughout the day refill her love tank with some play. You can do this as time allows and as needed by her. Some days will worse than others.   If she balks at you leaving the room, bring some toy with you so she...
Have you tried taking him to the pool? That cured a large part of my daugther's bath time issues. I also showered with her for a while, which also worked. She is 9 and still hates having water on her face, but I don't love it either.
i swear to god my son thinks "come here" is code for run faster. When she runs take a breath and remember she will be a teenager someday, repeat to yourself "THIS WILL PASS."   I would stop trying to control her so much. Stop struggling you are chosing to get into power struggles with her. Take a good hard look over what behaviours you are locking into. It's so hard when it's our own child and we've been dealing with it for so long and it feels like they are doing it...
Both my children had the same issue with my right side. For me it seemed like the let down was slower. Try side laying or a foodball hold, this worked for mine when they were young, once they were a couple months old they didn't fuss anymore.
My dentist wants to pull my son's top four teeth. I came home and cried. But I also don't want them to end up absessed. I'm feeling totally lost, but I can't keep seeing dentists either and paying for them. We don't have any coverage for a bit longer as my DH just started a new job.
I realize part of why I get ignored sometimes or kill threads is I often post on threads where I have strong opposing ideals to most of the posts. I get a little argumentative on-line.
Has he tried melatonin?
Sort of personally because I loved playing that game with my son and we would cheer and give him smiles, laughs, hugs for "performing". I didn't force it on him, we just played it and one day he raised his arms and waited for mme to say "How big is baby?".    I get the not directing to a point, but if I never introduce him to new things he'll never learn. If I don't repeat "So big" fifty or a hundred times he'll never learn. I'm just confused about the line. Do you...
well.ca has some cell salts in tablet form.
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