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Thanks for that link! His foreskin is where it should be, so no worries there. I think it is just where the foreskin was pulled off the glans before it was ready. The hard part is keeping him from playing with it while it has a chance to heal Thanks again!
My 6 yo has a swollen and red penis.  I am almost 100% certain it has nothing to do with his being intact, but I figured if anyone would know what was going on it would be y'all. If he had detached  the foreskin from part of the glans before it was ready, would it cause the penis to swell? The foreskin and most of the penis are a dark pink/red color.                          
I found this article helpful.   http://www.drmomma.org/2010/01/phony-phimosis-diagnosis.html      
Forgot to post that I am out.  Patrick William Allan came on 03/24 at 41w3d
Conga-rats Banana!   Can't wait to see the story and some pictures!
Another 41 weeker on Monday. LOL Looks like March 14 was not a lucky due date for us.
The supermoon was a superbust here. 40w6d and just wanting to hold my new little man in my arms. For some reason he is really taking his time making his appearance.
40w4d today.   So glad I didn't go with DH to pick up DS from school today. I know my friends mean well, but all the talk about the baby not being here yet isn't helping me any, ya know? So, DH offered to go by himself from now until the baby comes so I don't have to deal with it. Well, today someone he didn't know asked when I was due. When he said that I was due this past Monday she replied that she was surprised I wasn't already induced. With my mental state right...
We were hoping this was it!   I don't see your birth post though :(
Yay Jessica!!   *happy dance for VBACs*
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