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that seems about right. In California, I paid about $7 a pound, after the butcher fees and 3 deliveries per year  were added on. Here in WA, I paid $2.70 a pound last time, plus a $60 butcher fee. Now, I am splitting some with a friend and paying $2.30 a pound, with an additional butcher fee. So it really depends on where you live, for the going rate. 1/45 share seems good for your size family. I need at least 1/2 share to get us through the year. We have 6 in our family...
Hi all! I've been away way to long....life gets so busy with 4 littles:p  I have missed all the encouragement and advice though on these forums!   So last year I suffered a miscarriage, which made me realize I wanted at least one more child. I was about 10 weeks along. So early enough, but a bit later than my other early miscarriages and I really felt it this last time. Good news- I am about 11 weeks( lost track) and doing well!   I have been eating TF, as...
yep! I have the worst time getting jeans to stay on.
oh, how funny!
I have an 8 year old, 6, almost 3 and 13 month old:)
Me! I have been  doing the WAP thing for years, albeit loosely at times. I do love to bake and I like my ice cream and coffee:D  I don't always shy from white flour... I do feel much better though when I try to get the recomended things for the pregnancy diet. Just a few weeks ago I literally felt like I was going to DIE if I didn't drink some milk or kefir. I drank half a quart of raw milk, half a quart of kefir and felt right as rain. I am healing from a broken foot,...
Hi all:) Haven't been on the forums in a veeeeeerrry long time! I am pretty sure I am somewhere around 9-10 weeks pregnant....so I think this is my group but will find out for sure soon( I usually make an appt sometime around the 3rd or close to 4th month), and I have 4 children already.      I have been dealing with several colds back to back in our house, and I am nursing a 13 month old. So all in all I am trying to bone up on my nutrients because I feel...
Quote: Originally Posted by PreggieUBA2C I don't normally eat much grain, but I do find that if I go a day without oats or a piece of bread with my eggs, I don't feel well at all. I seem to really need it. yep, this is me too!
so after this, what is your recipe? and how did you bake yours? I haven't made bread for awhile...also, what flours did you combine?
very interesting! I did have a fairly moderate sugar intake last time around- like gettng a muffin from whole foods with the kids once a week for one...and this time we didn't do that. I think the little changes really added up.
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