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today- not such a good tf day.... breakfast was leftover oatmeal with blueberries and maple syrup and butter/cream, salt. coffee with cream. lunch was 2 eggs from our chickens fried in coconut oil with lots of salt and some cheddar. Snack was some milk, and totally normal choc chips walnut cookies made with maple syrup.(which makes it not such a good tf day) another cup of coffee( I make mine in a mokka pot strong) with cream. Also some homemade sun dried tomato...
I learned to knit with Theresa's soaker pattern Not that one, but the other. I think soakers are a perfect first thing to knit. You learn way more technique than for just a scarf.
I love prefolds with my third He is a very heavy wetter/pooper and prefolds do the job so much better than anything else for him!
I plan on making a pumpkin risotto tonight....never tried it before. I love pumpkin soup with cream and nutmeg, and hazelnuts or curied pumpkin soup with coconut milk
oh no! hopefully you can have your little one and get home as soon as possible
please just lets sit down and do our homeschool work. I let you dictate our whole morning, let you play your video games, and fed you ALL DAY LONG. Ad if you ask me for candy or cheese one more time one of you may go out the window!
So Healthnet just dropped my doctor, and I am nearly 32 weeks pregnant. I didn't really like the guy anyway- Dr. Polo at providence medical(he is very pushy on scare-tactics and vaccines!beware!) but now I HAVE to find someone. Does aynone know anything about about the doctors at the Salmon Creek Vancouver clinic? That is closest to me, should I actually go into labor this time around and have any complications...but I need an OB who is good with surgery as I have had 3...
I agree with this. I know that right now, I do not "feel" like having another. I am swamped with my 3! But that is my hormones talking....that is me worrying...
I am having our 4th. I thought the switch from 2-3 was presonally very very draining and that seems the case with most people I know. Although, we had it especially rough because we moved when my 3rd was a newborn to a different state, and into a house full of other peoples crap! But then I didn't feel done. I have heard the 4th is easier, though I too worry about giving all my kids enough attention and whatever. I wonder how I can spread myself so thin....but then I...
New Posts  All Forums: